I have been on watch and wait for eight. For a while my PSA levels have been monitored at the same time as my regular blood tests. The level

has just doubled to ten in the last three months and I have been referred to a Prostate Consultant. It seems possible he will suggest a prostate biopsy which I believe carries certain risks of infection.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on this. I will of course discus any action with my CLL consultant.


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12 Replies

  • pilch you are one of the lucky ones to have been diagnosed early. I did a post recommending all men especially cllers had this test done. Very little response so it seems people don't think it will happen to them, perhaps your post will do more good than mine did.

    Whilst unpleasant if you have the biopsy you will most probably be given very strong antibiotics to take prior to and after the biopsy. If you are wondering why I say you are lucky, my partner's PSA count was over 300. His doctor was treating him for sciatica, and refused Xrays which would have made the diagnosis before his cancer infiltrated hips, sternum, ribs, etc.

    I wish you well and am confident that you will be fine.

    Best wishes


  • I had my PSA checked the other month (even though only 45) following reading a post on here recently. Luckily my results came back in the normal range but wanted to let you know that people are probably taking notice but maybe not always posting back.


  • Thanks for that comment Rileyesq. If just one person reads this post by Pilch and is diagnosed early rather than too late to prevent it rampaging through the body, then it is well worth it.

    I note an article in the Daily Mail today did not advise having PSA tested, would be interested to find out how else they can diagnose prostate cancer as it frequently presents no symptoms.


  • CLL ers should have PSA testing on a regular basis, we are at higher risk for secondary cancers...

    A recent study found prostate cancer in over 10% of male CLL patients...

    Get tested, get an annual DRE.


    New test, on the horizon


  • Thank you all for your replies. I'm seeing the prostate consultant on Monday and will report anything of interest.


  • Pilch

    How did you get on, I hope everything was ok.


  • Pilch

    How did you get on, I hope everything was ok.


  • Good news. Although the biopsy showed what the consultant called a slightly iffy area it was basically clear of cancer and he doesn't want to see me for a year. We are all very relieved.

    Best wishes


  • Absolutely thrilled for you Pilch thank you so much for taking the time to share the good news, and you will be monitored, so that is comforting. The biopsy is not nice I know but it is a difinitive test so you can rest easy, on that one at least.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks so much for your encouragement. Basically the consultant said 10 should now be regarded as my PSA base and I should go back if it went higher.

    As a small bonus I have a chronic condition bronchiectasis which for some years has caused severe coughing. Since I had the antibiotics after the biopsy Ive hardly coughed at all. This did happen once before when I had strong antibiotics after a dog bite. It's great as long as it lasts!

    Best wishes. Pilch

  • Hi Pilch

    Those antibiotics having had a positive effect on the coughing is a welcome side effect from the unpleasant biopsy. I am so pleased some good, however transient has come from the antibiotics, as well as the comfort of knowing you do not have prostate cancer.

    If other men knew what my partner is going through with the side effects of taking hormone suppressing drugs, and having radio therapy, I think they would be less reluctant to go for the simple blood test.

    Hope you get a good rest from the coughing.

    Well done you for biting the bullet and having the test.


  • Thank you so much for your enquiry. Had a prostate biopsy last week. Result due a week on Monday. I was told nothing too unusual could be seen from the ultrasound which is hopeful.

    I will pass on the news when I get it.

    Best wishes


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