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Prior to having successful FCR treatment for CLL in 2010 I was suffering with severe headaches up to 15 times a month. After the FCR treatment they disappeared. In December last year a CT Scan showed that the lymph nodes under my arms had enlarged and were just over 2 cm. Earlier this month the headaches have also returned. Has anyone in this group also suffered recurrent headaches which they believe is part of their CLL problems?

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One theory I have heard over the years is that the enlarging nodes can press on nerves causing headache like pain... not sure this is true however...

You should pursuit this with your general practitioner, because headaches can have many causes... you need the correct diagnosis.

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I get an effect of a strange kind of headache where for the rest day(s) after exercice my face goes numb, and later on in the day it turns into a moderate headache. Had that symptom for about 15 years, but only been diagnosed with CLL for 3 years. Seems to be getting worse as the CLL gets worse and now starts earlier in the day. Did have an MRI to rule out anything nasty. Workaround for me I think would be to give up work, and split each day between exercise and rest.

Many thanks for posting and sharing on this topic.

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