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Rotten start to 2014

My husband and I came back from seeing our son and family ( they live abroad) at the beginning of December 2013 with some sort of virus. I had a sore throat and he had a cough. After a routine blood test I was re assured that my neutrophils count was over 3. So I thought that things would just get better on their own. I then had to take a course of antibiotics for something else just before Christmas. These helped to improve the sore throat. Christmas spent with another son was great, felt fit and well. For the New Year we went away with Brittiany Ferries ( its a car ferry not a luxury 5 star cruise ship - but its fun). We had a lovely lunch in France but the main meal had pepper corns which lingered at the back of my mouth and made me feel unwell. At the New Year banquet my husband noticed that one of my eyes looked odd. When I checked in the ladies it was discharging. I cleaned it up and hoped it would be ok but in the morning my eyes were stuck together were puffy and very red and sore. I went to reception to see whether they had first aid with an eye wash. The receptionist looked at my eyes and said I would have to see the ship's Dr. I got to see him in 10mins and was taken to sick bay which was amazing like a mini operating theatre. the Dr gave me some eye drops which were very effective and enough to last until I could see my own GP. His drops lasted three days by then my eyes looked normal. When I started using the drops my own Gp gave me by the evening they were back to discharging red and sore. Next morning I rung NHS 111 who arranged an out of hrs appointment where I was given another eye drop not ususally used and we were lucky to find a chemist open on Sunday who has some. Just a couple of days later the sore throat came back but much worse and coughing up. The GP said the back of my mouth and throat were covered with ulcers and gave me antibiotics and throat spray. Next week my sinuses started to hurt. On Monday GP sent me for blood test and Xray after taking a throat swab and sent the phlegm off for testing. On Tuesday early morning I started to be sick and could not stop. My husband rung the GP as she had asked on the Monday about being sick. She was very concerned and warned me I may have to go to hospital. By the evening I was still being sick was very de hydrated and could not keep water down. Rung NHS 111 given another prompt appointment where the Dr said i would need a drip. A & E done more tests (blood and so on) but once I was stable was discharged. GP rung the next day the test do not show up anything but the blood test show i am fighting something ( the inflammator which should be between 4-10 is up to 25) I was given more antibiotics for my sinuses and another blood test form. I am hoping things are improving although I still do not feel "right". This is how CLL patients can find infections overwhelm their systems. Its a cautionary tale.

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Oh Jangreen

you're right, what an absolutely foul start to the New Year. You have my sympathy. I do hope that you are beginning to feel better and that the blood tests are more positive. I guess our systems are easily overwhelmed when there is more than one infection to fight. You are living proof of it.

Thank you for sharing your cautionary tale even though you must not feel on top form yet.

I hope the rest of 2014 turns out to be a good one for you.


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I second Bub's sentiments Jangreen, I sincerely hope the rest of the year brings respite from these recurrent infections. They're bad enough suffered individually but when they plague us in multiple places, they're thoroughly miserable! I've had a sore eye condition since just before dx but as in all things, it's difficult to know if it's CLL related.

Take care and feel better soon,


Newdawn x


If pepper corns are the source my GUESS fungi...



If ordinary pepper is this contaminated with bugs and bacteria, what about other things we put in our mouths.?? Or is all this ONLY for pepper.?

I have not been a fan of pepper for some time, as it affects my dodgy liver.

But if one now worries about contaminants in ALL our foods we will certainly be able to stay with our New Years resolutions to watch our weight.! :-) :-) :-)



Hi Jan,

You didn't deserve that rotten luck.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, and a better 2014. Keep us posted.



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