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Z-Paks... what is the thinking about them?


I'm newly diagnosed CLL and on W&W. Sore throat started to bring wheezing in chest last week and doc gave me a Z-Pak. The cold seems to actually have gotten better, but still have cough and now headcold.... he offered another Z-Pak... What do you all think about taking antibiotics with CLL? Should I take this second round, because it may not have been completely gone, or not take any more? I've never (77) used many antibiotics, but until CLL I could fight infections... hadn't had a real cold in four years. Then I got shingles, and it has been more colds, esp. sore throats. I have a node in my throat that gets irritated and causes coughing. Anyone dealing with throat nodes? Won't see my CLL doc till January. Any advice will mean a lot to me.

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I know where you are coming from - My immune system tanked early this year. I had intractable sore throats, severe sinus infection. Hem/onc started monthly IVIG infusions.I saw an ENT specialist and, after treatment with Dymista and Claritin-D also Baskcort Ibegan to get better. In August I switched to a CLL specialist who put me on Acyclovir 200mg twice a day and sulfamethoxazole SS three times a week indefinitely. I have to be extremely watchful that I keep my sinuses open to avoid infection and sore throat. I also follow Dr. Michael Keating’s philosophy to prevent upper respiratory infection. I hope your hem/onc MD is a specialist in CLL. If so, he/she knows how to help you. If not, please find someone who does specialize. In any event, you should be seen now and not wait until January. I also gave an infectious disease specialist on my team. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. MsChief

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Sorry for the typos - nasocort nose spray. I also have an infectious disease specialist

Z-Pack worked very well for upper respitory infections and sinus issues but that was before my CLL diagnose. Now they usually prescrip stronger antibiotics for a minimum of 10 days depending on the severity of the infection. That being said that doesn’t mean you are in the same boat as me. Second round might do the job for you.

Good luck.

A few thoughts as i had endless sinus issues long before CLL

1. A long time ago perhaps 16 years i had a turbinectomy as i never drained correctly and this solved it as while i have gotten sick since then the sinus area no longer gets infected

2. When i got CLL i lost all immunity to most everything and none of the sprays or OTC pills had any effect and in my case a spray called Azelastine Hydrochloride Nasal Spray works

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Sinus infections are often fungal in CLL, and you need swabs done.

Also is you are having infections you should talk to your hemaetologist about having your immunoglobulin levels checked.

Shingles also means your CD4 T cell count might be low...

If you can move up your CLL appointment I would...


Hi I have also suffered from sinus problems for many year even before CLL and have asthma. I have never had an asthma attack but do get respiratory infections hence the diagnosis. Can you tell me what a z-pack is never heard of it and a link or information on Dr Keatings advice on how to prevent respiratory infections.? Good luck to everyone here who struggles with the same issues the CLL compounds existing respiratory problems.


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It's easy to take - short course of antibiotics - my preference.

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Dr. Keating talks a bit about sinuses here...


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Thanks Chris found this most helpful wish I had seen that many years ago could have saved a lot of grief.




the z pack has always been very effective for me. I have a lot of allergies and sinus issues, so treating any possible allergies is important too. Myself, I would not hesitate on a second round of z pack, but we're all different.

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