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New members - How to quickly find the content you need

New members - How to quickly find the content you need

This site isn't the easiest to navigate and improvements are planned. I could even say it was a bit prickly to use, but there's some great content - just like the great flower on the cactus plant above. :)

We've arranged Pinned Posts and Pinned Questions for easy access to the right. Meanwhile, you can filter out much of what is not relevant to your immediate needs in two basic ways:

1) You can Browse by category, by clicking on the relevant category on the right of the page. This shows you all questions and posts within that category

2) You can look at just Questions or Posts within a specific category by clicking on Questions or Posts in the purple menu bar and then clicking on the down arrow to the right of 'Browse all' then selecting your desired category.

Recently Diagnosed, then Living with CLL/SLL are good places to start. If it looks like you'll soon need treatment, then check out Treatments and trials, but be warned that some of this content is rather technical. Search out the videos first; we've plenty of posts with links to world experts that are able to explain in layman's terms what you'll need to know.

Then there's Site Search (top right in the green menu bar). Prefix your search terms with CLL to prioritise returns from this community.

If you can't find the help you need, please 'Ask a question' and I'm sure someone will quickly assist you.

(Don't forget to select the appropriate category when you submit your question!!)

Feedback and tips from new and experienced members are welcome via replies


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That is one amazing flower!!


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