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July 2013 Trial with B + R -- Idelalisib (GS-1101) OR CAL 101 Study (III)

Live from hospital bed -->> my first cycle of Infused Bendamustine and Rituximab appears to have gone well with no side effects - except tiredness - at this stage!

I have literally the last drips of Bendamustine going into my veins!

I've been told I am discharged from hospital and so home for the weekend with my family and friends!

I hope to pull together my notes from the last couple of days and post them on here !

Touch wood - it looks like I am one of the lucky ones this time,


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So pleased all went well for you today Marty. Take it easy and enjoy the good weather and your family. Will follow your journey with interest. Best wishes. Maureen


Thanks Maureen for those words of encouragement - I'm looking forward to the weekend at home - I hope you and your family enjoy the same - without melting ! Marty


I'm glad this went well and trust the rest go as easily. Thanks for keeping us informed. I'm sure you'll get plenty interested in your experiences when you post them (and you'll be able to get a feel for that from the new recommends feature). You might even be an inaugural poster to a new category on treatment experiences and reactions which I suspect we'll need to introduce.

I hope you aren't too tired to enjoy your weekend home.

Just remember to drink lots (of water that is).




There still seems to be some glitches in the software.

Today I tried to create a "new post" - but when I clicked on the "create a post" - my last post title and text body were still there - as you can see I "updated" the title and added new text and submitted -->>> but when I reviewed - it indicates its a "three day old post".



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