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Slow healing bone fracture related to CLL?

I have a metatarsal stress fracture that hasn't healed months after the injury. I've been wearing a walking boot for the last three weeks without much success. After three weeks i tried not wearing the boot, but the swelling came back. Sadly, this affects my back swing so no golf so far this season! Is this possibly related to CLL or just the fact that at my age (70) bones heal slowly? Other than CLL I'm active, not overweight, and pretty healthy. According to a recent lab report my calcium levels are fine.

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While wound healing, which I guess extends to bone fractures, can be slower if you have leukaemia, I don't recall seeing this particular problem being discussed on any CLL forums. Have you been given any indication by a specialist regarding the typical healing time for such a bone stress fracture? Are any of your blood counts low or do you have any circulation issues that could be contributing to slower than normal healing? While it is good that you aren't overweight, whenever you are on your feet, you are obviously still going to be putting a load on the fracture and it being at the extremity of your body doesn't help with healing either.

I'd suggest you discuss with your doctor whether you have any factors that could be contributing to slower healing and possibly see a physiotherapist or some other specialist that could come up with some exercises that would speed the healing. I'd expect you'll be given some non-load bearing exercises to boost the circulation in your foot. Perhaps you should take up water polo in lieu of golf until the fracture heals?

Hope you are back on the golf course soon,



Hope the leg's beginning to mend.

Neil's suggestion sounds eminently sensible, not sure about water polo though? Hot and cold bathing always used to be the mantra of my school sickbay. A remedy dispensed for just about everything to get the blood flowing to heal the sprains and knocks from frequent rugby injuries. Ask your doctor

I have always been curious about vitamin D and how it affects bone health and it's involvement in enabling the body to metabolize calcium. I know you mention that lab reports identify your calcium levels are good, Does your GP also monitor your vitamin D levels? Do you supplement?

I was reading an NHS patient information article on vitamin D and it suggests that over 65's may need to pay special attention to their levels, there has been much discussion in CLL/SLL forums over the years that low levels may effect CLL/SLL and symptoms, studies are underway. Thus many supplement to lift their levels and report it aids them . I was intrigued to notice that too much vitamin D can adversely effect bone density; " Excessive intake of vitamin D can also encourage calcium to be removed from bones, which can soften and weaken them. " . ..

I don't know if any of this is relevant, The vitamin D topic Is the only bone health topic I have read discussed within the CLL/SLL community. Discuss this with your Doctor,

maybe fishing? or WI golf for a little while before you can unleash that back swing again?



Hi, sorry to hear ab out your foot. My husband is 73 years young. He takes calcium on prescription twice daily and allendronic acid once per week, he has 4 compressed vertebrae following steroids to treat cll.

For swelling, he always keeps his feet elevated in the ev ening when watching tv. and packs of frozen peas wrapped in a towel also help. Finally, he takes ferusimide to eliminate water retention.hope you will soon be fully restored.......


Thank you all for your responses. I do supplement vitamin D. Will look up my labs to be sure, but my recollection was that they have been fine. I'll appreciate your suggestions to follow up with my doc and will do so.


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