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Post treatment check ups

I am interested to know what tests people get when they have checkups after FCR treatment?

So, for my first checkup, three months after treatment i had CT scan, blood tests and bone marrow biopsy. I believe next checkup in June i'll only have blood test.

Blood tests i have report 15 different metrics.

I'm curious what others have.


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Hi Rob,

Yes I had the same tests as you at three months after treatment plus repeat immunophenotyping. From that point, I've had just routine blood tests (FBC, liver profile, bone profile, electrolyte profile and the occasional LDH) together with physical exam.


I have a CTscan in July, which will be months 6 post treatment, other than that ...CBC every 3 months and a physical exam... my blood work is all within range.


Hi Rob

I have had full blood count (FBC) plus liver profiles one month after end of treatment and then every three months until next treatment cycle. I had a CT scan and bone marrow biopsy prior to commencement of my first treatment cycle; this has not been repeated since. My last remission time between treatments was fairly short so I am currently having monthly FBC's. Hope all goes well for you at your next check up.



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