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Watchout France the invasion is coming

Hi All

When I started fundraising in December last year it seemed along way off but now training is nearly complete and I leave for London next Wednesday the 5th June and the ride begins on Thursday 6th, one of my heroes is doing the ride a certain Ian Wright who used to play for Arsenal so I am looking forward to meeting him, might see if he will sign my shirt for me.

At times I wondered what I was doing fundraising as it can be hard work and time consuming hopefully it will help. The total stands at 8322.79 which I am proud off.

I shall bore you all with my story's when I get back

And if anyone still wants to sponsor me then they can on the attached link

Best wishes


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Now Julian I couldn't disappoint you and fail to reply so here I am again wishing you well as the event looms ever near!

Hope it's a tremendous success, great fun and you keep well and fit as a result. Great that you're getting to meet Ian Wright too. Fantastic fundraising effort which I hope will increase further.

Warmest best wishes,

Newdawn x


Always nice to hear from you. Thank you newdawn.



Hi Julian,

Good to hear you're an Arsenal fan. I lived in Arsenal territory for 40 years in London.

Good luck and best wishes.



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