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kasai procedure

Hi All,

My 6 weeks daughter has done kasai procedure due to biliary atresia. Ultimately she has to go for liver transplant (sooner or later). Is there any place in world where lever can donate for small kids.

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Do you mean live related donor transplant? They do it at children’s Hospital in Los Angeles in California and are fifth in the nation for gastrointestinal

My son has a Kasai and I was thinking the same if he needed a transplant

There is also options post Kasai like IVIG, steroids and the antibiotic and ursodiol regimen. Your GI will probably talk to you about. Hope that helps and your baby is feeling better :)


what was the age of your son when his Kasai was done ?

how is his health now ?


He was 4 months and he is doing well now. Liver enzymes are elevated but he has no jaundice.


very good

good luck


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