Kasai operation 9 weeks old

Hi my baby has had an operation and its already 4 day of operation.Doctors can not tell me if its works the operation or not becouse its too early his stools are good with colour weach was very importat at this stage.I want to ask when exactly you undetstand that the operation works and the bille is going to the leaver ?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi, congrats for your new baby. it may take few weeks to normalise. As long as her stool has good pigment and the yellow goes away, then everything is on the mend. Best wishes for you. Prayers

  • You know it have been passed 3 weeks but he is steel yelow the urine is dark and the stools are light yellow is it already sighn that the Kasai did not work?

  • My boy had his op 7 weeks ago now and alls looking good. He has since had an infection of the liver but he had his first follow up last week and they were really pleased with him even though they have found a cyst inside his liver. I think u just take each day as it comes. Really pleased the op went well for u.

  • Congratulations on the birth of your little one. It all sounds very positive. If the stools are dark green that means the kasai is working and bile is flowing through. Our daughter took nearly a week to get the dark green stool colour and once they go home any change in stool colour(stool going grey) should be acted on straight away so treatment with iv antibiotics can start. The team will explain it all before you go home. Good luck and enjoy and cherish time with your little one.

    Hope and best wishes X

  • Hi ,don't worry just have faith and hope .Your little Angel will do just fine.All d best.

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