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The Magic Pill


A bit of background. Heart attack in April, stent fitted. TC 7.2, HDL 1.0, TG 1.3. I've refused statins and in 3 months I've dropped 2 stone, but I'm still a little overweight. TC 6.1, LDL 4.5, HDL 1.1, TG 1.1.

I moved to a mediteranean diet which basically involved cutting out the bad stuff, because I already ate a broad range of foods and we have always cooked a lot from scratch. I have concerns my cholesteral is still too high.

I've been doing a lot of my own research and the other night watched a documentary on YouTube called 'The Magic Pill'. Essentially it said carbs are the problem and that a high fat, low carb diet is the solution to a plethora of metabolic problems.

I've cut out a lot of carbs and plan to cut out more, and I've reduced saturated fats considerably. This documentary tends to suggests saturated fats are actually a good thing.

Similarly, I'm eating porridge and snacking on oatcakes because I'm told these are good at lowering cholesterol, however they are high carb. I'm also drinking benecol, but it's obvious they are loaded with sugar.

It is difficult to know what to do for the best when it comes to food. I plan to lose another 1.5st which would place my BMI at 23. I've also upped my exercise levels from being sedentary to 150+ cardio minutes per week. I find the committment to exercise more difficult than following a diet.

I realise I haven't really asked a question, but I just wanted to share my experience. It does appear to be a bit of a minefield with lots of conflicting advice.

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Why why WHY have you cut out saturated fats? LCHF is the way and that includes the fats from beef etc.. Read the book "The great cholesterol con" by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

And look up Ivor Cummings and the real truth about fats

Saturated fats are not the problem and nor is your cholesterol

More people die of low cholesterol than high cholesterol.

Dont eat low fat rubbish

Eat organic butter and dont cook in seed oils.. Only olive oil and butter and Ghee.

Keep away from low fat... And look up Ancel keys as it will change your way of thinking for ever and hpw he conned everyone.

Too much for me to explain on here but feel free to message me for more info

Well done on refusing statins.

Look at the statistics and mortality rate

You will be shocked

I was were you are over 2 years ago and educated myself and spoke to real people in the know

Red18 in reply to Rob6868

Hi Rob6868 do you follow a keto diet?

Rob6868 in reply to Red18

As close as i van Red 18 yes

Ive also ditched my statins and hit high doses of supplements instead.

Im sick of people banging on about cholesterol. When it is widely accepted it is not the problem and more people die of low cholesterol than high cholesterol. Statins lower your choke and that is not a good thing

Red18 in reply to Rob6868

Hi Rob6868. Thanks for replying. Soooo many conflicting reports on what to eat and what to avoid. I took statins for 12 months but my hair became really brittle and started to fall out. Yes I am of menopausal age but the amount that I was shredding made me feel really low. My GP told me to not to take them and continue with isosorbide mononitrate. I have nothing processed now or any simple carbs. Are you keeping well?

Supafil in reply to Rob6868

Hi Rob, a late reply. I've now watched Ivor Cummins and have discovered Dr Wheat Belly. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

I'm now working hard to eliminate all grains from my diet, and it's hard - I estimate 75% of my meals included bread. I do believe this could be a life changing moment. Unfortunately I've gone from being someone who will eat anything at all, to one of the fussiest eaters I know. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Stop worrying about the LDL watch your tryglicerides

There not bad at 1.3

Aim to get below 1.0 and watch things like visceral fat

Supafil in reply to Rob6868

Thanks. Yes, I'm still carrying weight around the midriff which has to go. Getting there though.

Saturated fats reduce Lp(a) and statins increase them lchf or keto is the only way forward I also supplement with black garlic high dose vitamin C and turmeric keto also mends your body I belong to a Facebook group which is keto but also removes inflammatory foods

I’m a bit late to the party too but sign up to the Healthunlocked LCHF site and also for help with your diet as well as reading the Malcolm Kendrick cholesterol con book.

Thanks. I've done the first two recently and have been on a fairly strict grain free keto diet for around a week. I'm no longer worried about my cholesterol and believe I'm now on the path to improved health. I'll check out Malcolm Kendrick. Thanks again.

Well done 😊

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