lowering Colesterol without medication

lowering colesterol level.

I went to my doctors about 3 years ago, I have a replacement heart valve, when he discovered my Colesterol was over 6 he wanted me to go on satins, I opted for a change of diet, by cutting out as many saturated fat items in my diet as I could (pork sausage, things like pasties and pies, fatty cuts of meat etc) I reduced my colesterol to under 5, I still eat meat, you can get most cuts lean and Vension, Ostritch may be a bit more expensive, but are really low in saturated fat. Plus I lost 10 kilos in weight in 12 months and feel a lot fitter, last week I got round the golf course in just over 3 hours, with a manual push trolley, the score was rubbish, but I felt fine. Oh yes by the way I am approaching 74 years of age nd still go out dancing on Saurday nights.

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  • Well done! !!

  • well done.

  • Try adding cinnamon as well.. We put level teaspoon in our porage every day and our results are now in range.

  • thank you for that tip, l will try it

  • Good for you. How about fish as often as possible and chicken. Drink a moutfull of olive oil and a mothful of Papeseed oil every day, together they help reduce the amount of cholestoral in your blood; but be careful not to delete Cholestoral altogether as that will lead to Altsheimers disease. Try swimming and cycling (ergometer when it's raining.) I do all these things as I have Arteriosclerosis and 5 stent implants in my heart. I'm 72.

  • Thanks for the tips, I do eat quite a bit of fish and chicken, but swimming as never appeal, when I take to the water it looks like synchronized drowning. Dry land pastimes like Golf and walking are more my thing, but I will have to dust the bike off now the Summer's on it's way.

  • What a coincidence, I swim like a brick too; so I have to settle for swimming the length underwater. When you cycle stay in the lowest gear, by that I mean your legs will be pumping fast. This way you can cycle around the world... in a high gear you probably wouldn,'t make it to the ferry, ans it's better for the knee joints and the circulation... Don't forget to wear a helmet cos' tarmac is much harder than bone.

    Lots of luck and good health to you.

  • Well done. What did you get it down to and did you have a family history of high cholesterol or heart problems?

  • My cholestrol hovers around 5 as I do have the occassional lapse into things like Pizzas and chips, but not often. My family history is a bit vague, they didn't go in much for health checks in my parents day. Although I suspect my heart condition may have been hereditary. ( both parents died in their 70's and so did my Grand-parents) . The surgeons have kept me operational for the last 44 years with a series of heart valves and I have always been sport mad, the exercise now is just a trip round the golf course and snooker table, plus of course some gentle exercise and walking.

  • How fantastic, your efforts to help yourself are a true inspiration to me. You are a brilliant example of what can be achieved without resorting to medication 😊

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