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I got my yearly test results today TSH 4.95 (.40- 4.50) so a little low I am .75 levothyroxin and have been on varying doses of thyroid since age 18 I will be 66 next month I have been also taking 8.3 mic of T3 for the past few years.

My cholesterol is now 243! and should be less than 150! HDL 72 and LDL 244. Non HDL 276. Not sure what all those mean

Triglycerides were 153 and should be less than 150 High Cholesterol runs in my family. I am thin (95 pounds) and walk 5- 7 miles a day. I do eat meat and probably too many sweets but would appreciate any tips on lowering my cholesterol without taking statins if possible. I am care giver to my three grandchildren ages 7,4 and 2 and hope to be around for them. for a bit longer. My dad died of a heart attack at 68 and he was thin and active like me.

Will upping thyroid meds a notch lower cholesterol? Not sure if I should post this here or in another place

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