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Got my recent numbers, which are increasing year over year, I am told I have nothing to worry about but there is a family history so just wanting some additional input.

Triglyceride 0.83 mmol/L

Cholesterol 6.14 mmol/L

HDL Cholesterol 2.04 mmol/L

Non HDL Cholesterol 4.10 mmol/L

LDL Cholesterol 3.72 mmol/L

Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol 3.0

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If you doctor or GP says nothing to worry about then enjoy life. Watching out for free and hidden sugar, regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

depending up on your age you can ask your GP for a QRISK or JBS3 risk analysis and full explanation.

If only life were that simple. If some one with your numbers is inflicting excessive daily damage to the endothelial wall of their arteries then there is lots to worry about but of course worrying is one of the problems too. We have all been brainwashed into thinking that if a set of numbers are a bit below xx then everything is OK

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Dash65 in reply to Markl60

We've also been brainwashed that LDL Cholesterol is everything.My numbers are near perfect (Trig 0.7 LDL 1.6 TC 3.0) except the one they don't test LP(a) which is 300% over the danger level .Result--A huge calcium score and 30-40% chance of HA in the near future.If you really want to know your risk get a calcium score-If it's 0 relax .

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Markl60 in reply to Dash65

How did you feel about the radiation dose from getting the calcium score ?

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Dash65 in reply to Markl60

Compared to most ct scans it is quite low at approx 1msv.I think compared to Cvd the risk is quite low and in my case it was the only thing that shows I have extensive CVD as I pass every other test.

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