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Test results ?


Hello,,,, can anyone help me with these results and tell me if they are high or low please... My cholesterol is 5.9 which I now could be lower really but not terrifically too bad. But obviously going to work at it to get it lower..

The ones Im not sure about are these ,,

HDL 2.1

LDL 3.5

Triglycerides 0.6

I have been on the net trying to find somewhere that can give me a straight answer for a normal range of these three, but its not that easy and takes ages...!

Oh, the Doc wants to see me after getting these results ,, so I am wondering if these are high..


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Hi Jill

Recommended levels may have changed but I was taught that :


CHOLESTEROL should be <4


HDL >1.0 (m) >1.3 (f)

LDL < 2


So, it looks like your triglycerides are fine, your "good" cholesterol great and your "bad cholesterol too high. Welcome to the club. Mine used to be far worse than that but, thanks to HEART UK I've got mine much better. You'll get there.

sandybrown in reply to YvonneD


How did Heart UK help you to reduce your cholesterol leverls? May be your plan can help me to reduce my cholesterol level.


YvonneD in reply to sandybrown

Go to the HEART UK website; attend thheir AGM; get advice from their experts.


Hi Jill,

The Mayo Clinic will help you with the numbers. The British System is in the middle column. You will also note that there is NO absolute number - that will depend on our actual state of health.



From my experience over the last two years, I am afraid you need to check this with yuor GP. There are many factors that has to be considered, age, sex, hight, weight and other medical conditions. GP is best placed to give you your maximum and minimum values, mdication or life style change. May be yuo need to keep a record of all your test results. Have you considered going for an eye test?

Thank you everyone for you response... they have really helped.....x

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