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Flawed cholesterol study makes headlines

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"A controversial study has argued that if you have a high LDL (bad) cholesterol level when you are aged over 60, you will live longer, there is no increased risk of cardiovascular disease and that statins will have little effect. But can we trust these bold claims?"

>> My personal lived experience with low cholesterol:

When my cholesterol was lowered using medication due to stable angina (which instantly became coronary artery spasms after statin prescription) I couldn't remember my family's names, how to use a knife and fork and more worrying I couldn't remember how to drive a car. I had to stop driving for several years! I was 38 years old!

I prefer my cholesterol where it belongs - in my body, my brain especially, not deposited down my toilet. I have no doubt I'd be in a vegative state or dead by now had i continued interfering with my cholesterol levels using drugs. <<


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