Cholesterol from 8.1 down to 5.5

Hi all, just wanted to post my news to you.

Some of you may remember my posts regarding my high cholesterol levels, and my GP wanting to put me on statins approx 12 months ago.

The GP told me she would give me 3 months but assured me that with diet and exercise I would only get my level down by one unit?

I went back three months later it was down to 6.8, I was told I needed to take the statins I accepted them but never took them.

I had my check done again last Friday, and it's down to 5.5 !!!!

I am obviously over the moon, the GP said you can come off the statins if you wish, and continue with your new lifestyle, so I told him I never took the statins, it just annoyed me so much to think that he was saying there you go the statins did that for you, when I knew it was all my hard work and determination Not Statins ⭐️⭐️⭐️For me I think x


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  • Well done. What have you done to achieve this

  • I was diagnosed with gallstones so along with having the cholesterol problem then gallstones, I was told I was overweight but did not realise how overweight I was. I am 5 3 age 56 and weighed 12s 7 .

    Apparently I should be around 9st.

    I was also diagnosed with fatty liver on the ultrasound, so this was make or break time with me.

    I cut out all high carbs, bread,pasta,rice,potato, I thought the brown version of all these were fine but apparently not if your trying to loose weight. I excercise for 30 mins each day ( fast walking on treadmill) on an incline so I walk around 2 to 2.5 miles a day uphill.

    I cut out all sugar (use stevia instead which is a natural sweet leaf, not an horrible false sweetener.

    I eat a small portion of protein with each meal, and stick to low fat everything, or fat free where possible.

    Due to fatty liver I am having a low carb grain free diet. I have found it hard as I miss that sweet snack but am searching for a low carb grain free Museli which I believe is available but I have not found yet.🌝

  • thanks. you have done really well.

  • Make your own muesli just by the ingredients you want and shake.

  • Hi I'm amazed by your new diet which helped so much to lower the cholesterol level.

  • Well done.I am trying the benecol drinks now

  • Very well done. Would it be possible for you to let me have the list of food you are on at the moment to reduce your cholesterol from 8.1 to 5.5.

    Do you do regular exercise?

    The question is now the cholesterol is down do you feel any better in your health, this is because my cholesterol is coming down slowly, only the blood test tells me the numbers are coming down! Do not feel any difference. My GP is still insisting that I must go on statin to reduce my numbers.!!


  • Hi Bala, I feel better over all, but I think it's because I have changed my life style, eating, drinking, daily routines, excercise nearly every day time allowing that is. I don't feel any different because I have lowered my cholesterol but maybe it's all part of the the healthy way I live now. But knowing your Cholesterol has gone down so much makes you feel better for the knowing.

    I have chicken, tuna, poached egg, Turkey, cottage cheese, ostrich steak, salmon, cod, haddock, sardines, mackerel for my protein.

    I make large bowls of mixed salads that last a couple of days.

    They mainly contain legumes such as a mixture of butter beans, kidney beans, chick peas, black beans, whole green beans, sprouts, cauli, cold kale, spinach, watercress, tomatoes,cucumber,radish, or anything else that is high fibre low carbs.

    I make up dressings using a lot of garlic, red / white wine vinegar, olive oil, rapeseed oil, mustards, lemon juice, just try lots of different things.

    I did like a drink of red wine but have cut out all alcohol now, and buy a free from alcohol one and just have it on the odd day just to socialise really. Alcohol does raise cholesterol levels I was told.

    I am now using a carb counter book so I don't use high carbs if I can help it.

    No bread, pasta,potatoes,rice of any form not even brown options, these are still very high carbs and are full of starch which I was advised to avoid, so no biscuits,cakes,crisps, or processed foods at all.

    Eat plenty of fresh varied fruits, and I start each day with a nutra bullet of raw kale,spinach,watercress,half an avocado pear, a dessert spoon of ground nuts including almonds (vit e for menopause) you get a blade for grounding nuts with the nutra bullet machine it's great.

    Something I do have in my bullet each morning is milled hemp, and milled flaxseed both of these are said to help lower cholesterol.

    I excercise each day doing 2-3miles on a treadmill on a incline, although I have lost weight it does not show so much on the scales but I have lost inches from my hips waist and chest, and dropped two sizes from an 18 to a 14, it's hard work but the results are well worth the effort. ⭐️

  • It sounds like you have made a step change in your lifestyle to achieve the kind of reduction from 8,1 to 5.6. Well done. Thanks for sharing your new diet and exercise.

    It would be also useful if you can let us know what your diet was like before you made the changes. This will help inform us the extent of change necessary to achieve that sort of reduction in cholesterol.

  • I used to love all the high carbs bread,pasta,rice,potatoes, but I always had brown versions where they were Available.

    I don't eat any at all now, so I would say this is the biggest change. Also though I have cut out sugar completely, only use stevia sweet leaf just a tiny touch in my tea/coffee it is natural. No cakes,biscuits,sweets,puddings,ice creams at all, I did used to have them all. I won't eat anything with added sugar now where I used to drink cordial with water, now I just drink water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it. Another thing that I have done is cut out red meat except ostrich steak which is very low fat and delicious.

    I mainly live on fresh fruit, and salads, low carbs, cauli brocolli, it does get hard but I just press on because I enjoy the results of my determination.

    I did eat a lot of bread with most meals, and I did eat large portions. Now I eat little and often, even if it's just a hand ful of cherries, or a slice of pineapple. Doing without sweet stuff is the hardest, but once I create my own grain free Museli I will have a healthy option to fall back on if a fancy something sweet.

    I did enjoy wine with dinner on a few evenings, but I have cut that out also.

    I never did have much junk food though, as I live in the sticks so no take aways either, mainly to many calories, to many high carbs, to much starchy foods, cakes and biscuits and sweets, and to lager portions, and to much sugar that was hidden in what we buy, I really study the labels now, it is time consuming but worth it in the long run 🌝

  • Thank you.

    I do eat some of the things you have given in the list. Will look for milled hemp, and milled flaxseed and also black seed. I do 30 minutes on the tread mill on an incline for thirty minutes at least five days a week hart rate goes up to 128 from starting at 86. During cool down it gets back to normal.

    My wife also comes with me and she can see the benefit as well.

    Please have a look at the NHS health check site and may be you can write a page for them on your activities and findings. I did this on my journey to help others. You can find the administrator and have a one to one communication.

    Please do continue the hard work for better healthy life.

  • Sorry it's shelled hemp, Google linwoods they supply lots of super foods including these.🌝

  • Well done. I have been trying for two month I hope it will be lower. Take care

  • well done, glad you told the gp you did it yourself.

  • Well done can you tell me how you did it I have tried but no luck yet

  • Well done that man

  • Well done, every time i see my doctor he tries to get me to take statins, and mine is 5.1 Im sure they get a bonus for peddling them

  • They most certainly do! A bonus for every one they get on statins, they say they want it 5 or below at my surgery, anyone 5 or over gets statins I'm afraid🌝

  • My level is 5.5 and doctor wants to put me on atorvastatin I don't want to start it so am going to try to get it down with diet. Any tips

  • Yes have a look at my reply to Bala, I've mentioned most things there. I would defo start having, flaxseeds and hemp get the shelled or milled from linwoods on line they are very good for cholesterol lowering. X

  • Well done that is great news.

    Last blood test I had cholesterol was high, which was a surprise though is a inherited family problem.

    As a vegetarian find it hard to reduce my diet. Have been doing some exercise and lately doing some other in keeping with my partner which he needs, wants to do to help his back. I am hoping to go back to the doctors and like yourself have a lower reading. Here is hoping.

    Again well done good to hear your news.

  • Hi that's fantastic can you tell us what you did?

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