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My Cholesterol Experience

Hello Everybody, here is my story, my Grandma died age 48 in 1973 prior to my birth and my Father died in 1986 when I was 11, both had high cholesterol and both died of heart attacks.

I was tested as a result of my fathers death and found to have high cholesterol, I don't know what level it was back then but I was refered to the hospital and placed on a special diet at school.

At 16 (1991) the hospital said that they no longer wanted to see me and that my levels were acceptable.

I decided to go off my own back to my local gp for a blood test in 2004 age 30 and the results were 10.5

I workout everyday, weights and cardio, I rarely drink and don't smoke, so i thought this will be easily addressed, dieted and got it to 8.4, as a result I was placed on Lipitor 40 mg.

My levels then went down to 6.2 and I was placed on ezetimibe 10 mg and in conjunction with my statin, this got me to 4.7......everybody happy.

Then in 2010 I had loads of problems in my life, I dismissed my medication as a cause as the common side effects were muscle pain, i had no physical pain but I noticed that since taking the statins in 2006 I had been developing loads of dark thoughts, I realised that I had no feelings for anybody/anything, like depression but i didnt think I was depressed.....the Doctor agreed that I could come off my statins for a period of 3 months to see if I felt better.

I ate very strict during this time off the statins, took oil of evening primrose, lecithin and plant sterols, I felt better....brilliant.......then tested bloods back to 8.4.......I was gutted

The doctor is now trying me on Crestor 10 mg and it seems to be ok, I no longer have dark thoughts and have yet to go back and have my levels checked............I did not think statins could influence my emotions and mental state.

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Lipitor/atorvastatin crosses the blood-brain barrier, whereas Crestor/rosuvastatin doesn't, so that may explain it. I've heard of mood settings on Statins before, but you may be the first person writing about it here. Please let us know how it goes and if the new treatment works for you. Good luck!


I am so sorry that you have such a sad family history. Obviously you have hereditary FH in your family. It is something, luckily, I am not familiar with but there are those on this forum who can give you all the advice and support you need.

As to the statin side effects these seem to be numerous and varied. And vary from person to person. Again, those on this forum can give you advice and support on those.

I am very uncomfortable about statins. Now, again, "they" are advising everyone over 50 to take statins whether they need them or not. It is a hammer to crack a nut. A cheap alternative to proper medical care. A time saving exercise that is a catch all attitude to patient care. One I totally disagree with.

Sorry I am off on my soap box again!!

Go back to your GP and follow DakCB-UK's advice and see if you have been taking those statins that is suggested and that you are now following a different regime that will sort out your chemical depression. All the very best to you and keep us informed as to your progress.


I am 66 with a family history of heart problems, but don't smoke or drink very much.I had dark thoughts too when I was taking statins a year ago. I decided to take myself off my meds and my cholesterol went from 4.5 to 7.3. I have asked for alternatives to Simvastatin, but my doc says there isn't one. As an experiment, I started to take them again (I had a couple of months stored in a cupboard) and within a week, I was suffering the side effects - and was again, unable to function from depression and crying. I stopped again, and hey presto, I was feeling better within a few days, and back to my sunny self. I clearly don't want to die of a stroke - my docs dire warning, but neither can I live with feeling so awful. I will ask my doctor now for a clinic referral - something she has never suggested - but from reading various comments here, it seems that it would be the next step, given my doctor's comments.


I had high cholesetroll and fat on my liver my doc said take omega3 1000mg 1 tab daily. And exercise. my mother said being indian take a juice of 1 onion everyday. I chkd the net and she was right.onion juice helps. I took the juice of 1 onion everyday for 15 days did exercise at the gym for 2 mths and avoided fat,sugar did my test and wow the fat from my liver was gone and my Cholestrol came down.


My first advice would be to contact H.E.A.R.T. U.K. which is the "cholesterol charity" set up originally by patients such as yourself, with similar family histories back 1984.

Secondly I would ask your GP to either change your statin or, preferably, refer you to a Lipid Clinic where you will receive specialist treatment.

Thirdly (and no medical professional will tell you this - as it is unproven) I would purchase Kyolic tablets from your local Health Food Store. These have worked for me for over 20 years ( and I have F.H. - my Father died age 52, his brother at 53 and twin sister at 60). Each time I stop, my cholesterol level rises and each time I take them it is lowered. No side effects so maybe worth a try?


Thank you for sharing your story. I have heard of there being psychological side effects from statins in some people. You might find a different one doesn't have such an effect. I had very bad dreams when I was taking simvastatin , but not so much with atorvastatin.


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