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High Cholesterol

I am fairly fit! Always watched my diet as I have dairy intolerances, so am careful what I eat.

I had a blood test a couple of years ago and found out I had very high Cholesterol, it was nearly 10. I was shocked and could not believe it. Also my doctor said as he knows me he was surprised too.

I had to take Statins as he said it was hereditary. I started on the statins but started getting pains in my leg after a few months taking them, so I stopped, I told my GP about it and he did tests to see if it had affected my muscles but no I was ok, so I started taking them again but a lower dose. After a few months again was getting pain so I stopped them regardless of anything. After 3 months I went for a check, but also had stopped smoking cigarettes, anyway when my results came back I was gob smacked! It was 5.6 this was great I couldn't believe it, I was over the moon... Well sorry to go on but I think the Stopping smoking has helped lower mine "Proven" Cath x

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Well done on giving up smoking Trina.


May be the first result was not correct,better to recheck in 3 months.


The main reason that your cholesterol was high was because your body was reacting to the smoking and trying to heal itself from the poisons you were dragging into your lungs. Cholesterol is a friend, not an enemy, so when you stopped smoking your levels dropped as they didn't have to work so hard!!!!! WELL DONE YOU!!!!! Keep up the good work, and as a fellow dairy intolerant I know how diffficult it is to adjust so to do both is great! Have another test in about 6 months when you have got rid of all the toxins in your body and have a great summer.


Ive been on statins too, ive had pain for 8 months in my arm, just found out its called a frozen shoulder and also I have pain in my rump area but very different to my pain in the arm...Doc says its not from statins but I dont know really,, ..Can I ask where in your leg you had your pain ,, was it in your joints or just all over,, ???..............


I had extreme pain myself. I could not turn my head to the right without pain. I had lots of pain in my left shoulder, difficult at times to get out of bed. Pain in right and left hip. My knees were so weak I was unable to walk down stair for fear of falling. Both Achilles tendons were very sore and the muscles in my calves hurt after a while when I walked my dog. I thought it was old age., Most of the pain stopped after being off Pravistatin for six months. What was left I thought "this is old age." Wrong. That pain left as well 2-3 months later. The improvements continued even after a year of being of that drug. Food tasted wonderful and I was aware my sense of smell had become sharp. I changed a lot of little things in my daily life because my mind seem to be working again. My doctor wants to put me on Zetia now and quite frankly I am deathly afraid I will go back to where I had been living because of what I have read about that drug. It is about quality of life. I am making a very real change to my diet and hopefully this will lower my cholesterol. It runs high in my family. I am 69 y.o. male.


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