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Cholesterol Update

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I had an appointment with a GP today, to discuss options for lowering cholesterol. My blood test results in June:

Total Cholesterol 6.91 mmol/L

LDL 4.45

HDL 1.77

Triglycerides 1.49

Chol/HDL Ratio 3.90

The concern is the LDL cholesterol being too high. The GP checked my QRISK score, (10 year risk) as 5.62%, which they said is perfect. They said that for a score above 10%, start statin therapy (low dose) as prevention. However, then referred me to the Lipid Clinic clinician’s recommendation, that I start Simvastatin 10 mg. I refused the statin yet again. My plan is to try plant sterol tablets for 3 months and then get another blood test. The GP did mention that plant sterols could interfere with vitamin absorption. I make sure to have a healthy diet. From the reviews I have read on-line about plant sterol tablets, they do have an effect on cholesterol. Some people have been taking the plant sterol tablet for years, so I think it is worth trying them.

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THank you for your post.

"According to the NCEP, if a person has no other risk factors, an LDL-C level can be evaluated as follows: Less than 100 mg/dL (2.59 mmol/L) — Optimal. 100-129 mg/dL (2.59-3.34 mmol/L) — Near optimal, above optimal. 130-159 mg/dL (3.37-4.12 mmol/L) — Borderline high.9 May 2019"

Your LDL is 4.25, it is on the high side. You can control this with life style change and regular exercise!!!

6 in 100 risk or 94 in 100 no risk!!

Relax ,enjoy life, watch what goes into your mouth, hidden sugar and free sugar, do daily exercise.

Health check numbers do not give by age!!! If you go for medication please do watch out for not lowering your total cholesterol to a very low level.

Take, care.

Thanks for your reply. I am not at all keen to try statins. Therefore, I am going to give plant sterols a try and see what happens. Statins can have a big affect on life; yes they can lower cholesterol. However, they can risk other problems with health. They are also a life long medication. I was advised to take statins nearly three years ago now. Since that time there has not been a lot of change in my LDL cholesterol level. However, yes it remains on the high side.

If you drink coffee cut it out and replace with Green tea. Coffee raises by 7 to 10% and Green Tea lowers by 7 to 10%

Ignore your LDL and focus on your Total to HDL ratio along with your Trig to HDL ratio

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Teresat472 in reply to Markl60

Yes, there is a lot of debate around coffee and heart health. To be honest the only coffee I have is once or twice a day, Clipper decaff organic. I recently started having M & S Pure Green Tea Bags, one cup a day.

Firstly, I wouldn't be concerned about a cholesterol of 6.9 (mine is around 10 or 11).

Secondly, it's the Triglycerides that matter far more than the Cholesterol, so get the printout of your lab results with their reference ranges, and see if your Triglycerides is heading towards the lower end of the reference range where it should ideally be. To make your Triglycerides head toward the lower end of the reference range you need to eliminate/reduce all forms of sugars, carbs and starches. One of the easiest ways to do this is to follow NSNG = No Sugars, No Grains

Also avoid all the crappy veg-seed oils (margarines, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, safflower oil, maize oil, corn oil, mazola, canola, etc).

Eat real foods.

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Teresat472 in reply to Londinium

Thanks for your reply, I have checked the Triglycerides on the lab print out and these results are at the end of the reference range. I'm finding it hard to check for hidden sugars, but I think I'm doing allright.

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Londinium in reply to Teresat472

Are at the end? Which end? The upper end or the lower end?

Triglycerides should, ideally, be heading towards the lower end of the lab ref. range.

HDL should, ideally, be heading towards the upper end of the lab ref. range.

The above happen through eating real foods and real fats, and avoiding sugars, grains, carbs and starches.

Sorry, Triglycerides are at the lower end of the reference range. Thanks for your comments.

Hidden and Free sugar in food and drinks.

If you Google one at a time, free sugar, hidden sugar, you can get the information.


Some information have tea spoon measurements.

This is what I use to avoid my sugar intake.

First I came across this information in my work canteen!

Thanks, that's really useful information.

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