Latest cholesterol levels

As said in my previous post, I started taking atorvastatin about 5 weeks ago. I've just received my blood test results

Total cholesterol has gone from 7.6 to 4.6

Ldl cholesterol from 5.6 to 2.9

Hdl hasn't changed still 0.9

Also my liver function tests are great which is a relief as I have a long history of hight lft's and fatty liver. So as long as my side effects remain bearable then all is good for now.

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  • Sounds great and glad everything's going ok for you on the liver front.

  • What very good news. Thanks for sharing with the forum.

  • Great work well done

  • What are your triglyceride levels please?

  • Triglycerides have gone from 2.28 to 1.65

  • Ok j-9, your trigs are still too high, and your HDL low. Cut your carbs moderately and raise your natural fat a little to see improvement.

  • Thanks for the advice. I've been doing more research and discovered that one of the best indicators of heart disease risk is your triglyceride to hdl ratio. Mine is 1.7 which, like you said is still too high. I'm planning on cutting sugar out of my diet which will hopefully help. I'll also reduce my carbs a little. When you say 'natural fats' do you mean animal fats or nuts etc?

  • Both. Just be careful with portion sizes, omega-6 especially.

  • When you say "be careful" what does that mean, please?

  • Eat sufficient for weight-management requirement.

  • I'm pretty sure I could eat as many nuts as I could stomach without feeling sick and still lose weight :(

  • I am doing a course on Nutrition and wellbeing where they are talking about fats in human body.

    1. Triglyceride.

    2. Phospholipids

    3. Sterols

    A triglyceride (TG, triacylglycerol, TAG, or triacylglyceride) is an ester derived from glycerol and three fatty acids.[1] As a blood lipid, it helps enable the bidirectional transference of adipose fat and blood glucose from the liver. There are many triglycerides: depending on the oil source, some are highly unsaturated, some less so.

    Saturated compounds are "saturated" with hydrogen — all available places where hydrogen atoms could be bonded to carbon atoms are occupied. Unsaturated compounds have double bonds (C=C) between carbon atoms, reducing the number of places where hydrogen atoms can bond to carbon atoms. Saturated compounds have single bonds (C-C) between the carbon atoms, and the other bond is bound to hydrogen atoms (for example =CH-CH=, -CH2-CH2-, etc.).

    Unsaturated fats have a lower melting point and are more likely to be liquid at room temperature. Saturated fats have a higher melting point and are more likely to be solid at room temperature.

    Sterols, also known as steroid alcohols, are a subgroup of the steroids and an important class of organic molecules. They occur naturally in plants, animals, and fungi, with the most familiar type of animal sterol being cholesterol.

    Phospholipids are fat derivatives in which one fatty acid has been replaced by a phosphate group and one of several nitrogen-containing molecules. The hydrocarbon chains are hydrophobic (as in all fats). However, the charges on the phosphate and amino groups (in red) make that portion of the molecule hydrophilic.

    We need to understand more!

  • Hi, I am also taking the Atorvastatin, I have been taking these for about 7 weeks. My Cholesterol was 7.7 so I will be fascinated and hoping that it has reduced like your

  • Let me know what your latest results are gizmo 14. Fingers crossed. Have you suffered any side effects?

  • Hiya, I go on the 3rd Sept for a Coronary Heart Disease CHD review, where they check everything over,blood test, blood pressure and hopefully looking at the meds and do a Cholesterol check then. I don't know if it's the meds but I still get very tired and still have pains now and again in the chest but not all the time, could this be from the stent .

  • Please keep a note on a daily basis of all your problems from now till your appointment also a food intake diary to discus this at your appointment. Blood cholesterol check can take a few days for the results!. Are you giving your blood for cholesterol check a few days earlier?

    Make sure your medication are reviewed.

    Write down all your question you need to ask and all the answers to your question.

  • Thank you for your advice, I will keep a diary of daily diet and any pains I have. In the letter it just said blood test but the doctor said I need my cholesterol levels checking again so I assumed that this will happen at the review ??

  • If my Dr said I needed my cholesterol lefels checking again then I would call my surgery and make an appointment for a fasting blood test. At the appointment tell the nurse that you've been on statins for a few weeks and that you need cholesterol test broken down (ldl, hdl etc) Also check that she's requested a liver function test. (I believe) It's standard practice to check your bloods a month after starting a statin so you'll be overdue one. I would probably be helpful to have the results at your review too. Let us know how you get on.

  • As well as full lipid profile and liver function test, I also have liver enzymes, kidney function and glucose checked. It's still only one tiny tube of blood nowadays, rather than the eight big ones it used to be!

  • How did you get on gizmo 14?

  • Hi, had my review yesterday and all went well. Bloody pressure was 134 over 74 which it's the best it's been for a long while. The nurse took a blood test and sent it to the labs so I won't know what my cholesterol levels are till next week. I thought they would have done a test there and then but she says they prefer to send it off. Reduced the meds so no more bioprosol or isosorbide. Starting back full time next week. Still feel really tired at times and they are saying any pains around that side of chest will be down to my arthritis at the top of my rib cage.also been discharged from the hospital now. So as long as I stick to a good diet and keep of the cigs the future should look positive. Soon as I get the blood results I will post them on here. Many thanks to everyone who has offered me advice it's been invaluable cheers Garry

  • Thanks for the advice it's always welcome. I have been to see the nurse this morning as part of my quit smoking programme. I have my review on the 3rd Sept and she assured me all tests including my cholesterol will be checked. I will ask for a breakdown of the results and let you know how I go on.

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