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Low cholesterol and medicine


My total cholesterol is 165, LDL 37.3, HDL is 34 whether I should continue statin or not. My doctor advised me to continue.

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Your cholesterol numbers, "Are these numbers from a home test meter?"

Do you know your triglyceride blood test number?

There is a formula to calculate or an online calculator, please check with your lab!!

I have done in lab my triglycerides is 91

Thank you, I am afraid the numbers do not add up!!

Please ask questions where you had your blood test done?

An example:

""The equation is:[7]

LDL + HDL + (triglycerides/5) = total cholesterol.

For instance, if you had an LDL of 100, HDL of 60, and triglyceride level of 150, then the equation would read: 100 + 60 + (150/5).""


The above link gives ore information.

Go down all the way to Q&A.

As per lab test my fbs 87, pp 161, Sr. Cholesterol 95, Sr. Triglycerides 139, HDL 30,LDL 37.2, VLDL 27.8, blood urea 21, Sr. Createnine 0.9, sodium 142, potassium 3.7. hba1c 6.4

What a difference this information make !!!!!




My knowledge is only on cholesterol, I am afraid I do not know much about other blood test mentioned. There is another equation that takes VLDL into the calculation but this is good enough.

May be a medically qualified person can explain?

It is imperative that correct information is given when questions are asked!

The link in the last response gives a lot of information on cholesterol lipid levels, please take a look for your reference.

Thank you for your valued advise mam

Every country has there own way of measument. Do have to rely on your own Dr. As information seems very confusing. For me it seems low. However all the history is very important. For example what was it before. How long are you been on this medication and so on. So discuss with your own Dr.

in reply to Smartmam

The post says, doctor has ask to continue medication. The numbers may be low!! Doctor may need to review the medication dosage, the dosage is not given in the post.

Every country go along with WHO guide line. Yes, different country have different unit of measurement and there are conversation factor.

You are saying the numbers are low! What are the reference level for cholesterol and lipid numbers?

in reply to sandybrown

Total cholesterol level supplied is 4.27mmo1 normal range is 3.5 to 5.2.

Apart from that

there are several other factors involv.

Family and person's personal history + age. We don't have full information. If his Dr says he should be taking the medication. In my opinion he should. This is my opinion.

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