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Cholesterol numbers 2014

March. Dec

LDL. 3.0. 3.8

HDL. 2.8. 2.7

TRIG. 0.7. 1.1

HDL RATIO. 2.18. 3.18

TOTAL CHOL. 6.1. 7.0

Checked my risk of having a heart attack/disease in the next 10 years and my score is 3.4% and my heart age is 53 and I'm 58. So having a high Total Cholesterol score was disappointing but not as bad when broken down for you by

Anyone else used this calculator on

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your risk analysis looks very good, have you tried JBS3 rick calculator. If you do JBS3 it hives a lot of information and you can compare the results.


I can't quite understand the JBS3 calculator. It doesn't recognise a BMI of less than 20 for starters so I have to increase my weight by 2.5 k for it to even give a reading. My BP is 125 although I am on medication for this - but only the very smallest dose - yet they take no account of this fact which is surely significant. Everything else is surely good yet they say my heart age is 73 when in fact I'm 72. I hate to think how old it would say I am if my numbers were worse!!


These calculators are designed by humans and human input. I spent time doing a number of calculation, there is an issue with lower limit!. The calculator only looks at change in cholesterol numbers. Weight and height change there some difference in the results. I went to London hospital during the development of JBS3.

At the end of the day we all need to look after our body, our body tells us if there is a problem!

Oxford university is planning a study to educate doctors and other staff on how to help people like us, the GPs will have a base line of qrisk calculator before starting any discussion.

My heart age given is a lot older than my age!, the % risk is also a lot higher in number. Only time will tell. I will continue as I am, with life style change and regular visit to gym.

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designed as you say by humans!! At the end of the day it is only a risk, just like the Qrisk is, yet the drs seem to set great store by it [Qrisk]. It's just an excuse for them to shove you onto a statin perhaps. Medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds yet they still tick boxes.


Thanks Bala I downloaded the app to my iPad (only 69p) and just tried it and it is much more informative than the qrisk so thanks for letting me know about it! Just need to get back to my strict healthly lifestyle as my total chol in 2013 was 5.6. Bad time to get it checked 2 weeks before the upandcoming festivities but needs must eh?


Went to the front page, my update is not showing!


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