How To Reverse Heart Disease with 2 Vitamins

"I recommend that every person who is at risk of heart disease should take 5 or 6 g of vitamin C and at least 2 g of lysine, although larger amounts may be necessary." - Linus Pauling

Who was Linus Pauling?

" of the 2 greatest scientists of the 20th century"


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  • For adults, the recommended dietary reference intake for vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day. Six grams is a big factor!!!!

  • 6 grams is a big factor?

    Why? Who says?

  • The purpose of the post is for people to read the research contained in the links and draw their own conclusions.

    Mega-doses of vitamin C have the same potential side-effects as most doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical grade drugs. Therefore, if a person decides to follow Linus Pauling's therapy and experiences any side-effects, they can reduce dosage or stop altogether.

  • I am no doctor, but there are many medical people in my family! We do discuss many health problems over dinner.

    If people do read pots and make their own judgements so be it.

    Most people are looking for simple answers not deep research answers.

    Cholesterol support is there to help with cholesterol and lipid only?

    OK, there are supplements that can help towards a healthy life.

    What people in UK need is the simple food that can help them for a health life!!!

    Can HNS UK deliver this?

  • Yes. See NHS Choices.

  • Recent research has shown that the rda for vitamin c was measured incorrectly as it has a relatively short half life.

  • Have you tried the prescribed therapy in the dosage recommended?

  • There is no credible evidence that vitamin C supplements reverse the progress of heart disease. I haven't investigated Lysine but no Cardiovascular expert I've spoken to has mentioned it either. I will have a look. Meanwhile eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, it's much more natural and easy than unnecessary supplements

  • Plenty of evidence that statins damage health and cause unpleasant, adverse and life changing side-effects to many hundreds of thousands of people annually.

  • Thank you, I will.

  • Not smeared. Found to be incorrect in light of the evidence.

  • Plenty of evidence about the devastating damage caused by Big Pharma drugs.

  • Although anyone who is not getting enough vitamin C in their diet can be at higher risk of heart problems, and the current recommended levels may not be sufficient, taking a large amount of vitamin C appears to carry some risks.

    Anything described as a "miracle cure" should be very carefully scrutinised.

  • Human body & Freedom.

  • Dear Londinium,

    Skepticism is a fundamental part of science. One must be able to replicate an experiment claimed by another scientist and then peer reviewed before it can be accepted as a starting point for larger medical studies.

    While it is good for all of us to consider alternative and unconventional strategies for health care, we must do so with care.

    I found this interesting article online about the vitamin C treatment:

    as well as this one:

    The first article discredits the treatment, while the second suggests that there may be something to it.

    Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with a healthy debate.

  • Yes, I've seen and read many trashy articles about Vitamin C.

    Rather than fussing about Vitamin C, I suggest you spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands or millions of people who die or are injured around the world, every year, as a result of all the Big Pharma crap that they're prescribed and fed.

    All this fuss about Vitamin C when people are getting dementia and other ailments, and dying from the side-effects of statins - but that's okay. We should be happy about that and instead fuss about Vitamin C. 🙄

    As I've said before, people are free to take little/no Vitamin C.

  • Penel... Strewth...🙄

  • There is no credible evidence to support your statement. Pauling was a brilliant Physicist and that is the area where he gained his Nobel prize. He was not a medical scientist or a dietician and his wild pronouncements in the 1970s have all been debunked. The only reason vitamin C supplements should be taken is if you are not in a position to consume your 5-a-day vegetables and fruit or if it is recommended by your GP as a treatment. Any excess vitamin C consumed leaves your body in your urine.

  • Nonsense once again. Please consult your GP before you happen upon any thought on any day of the week. Your wonderful all-knowing, all-wise GP who never attended a nutrition course in his/her life and knows nothing about it.

  • I am afraid we all have to be very carful in responding to response to post! Some response you like some response you may not like, OK, but language or GPs experience and knowledge questioned is definitely I a no no.

    My GP in all-wise who has helped me through my health problems over the last 50 years!. With our FREE, NHS GP or NHS hospitals the UK we will have a lot of health issues.

  • A medically qualified clinician reveals alarming details in a book, and the foreword is written by none other than the former Editor of the BMJ/British Medical Journal.

  • This man is REALLY telling it like it is!!

    Bravo to him!

  • Interesting video until the very last sentence, 'when crime pays, do more crime, that's how capitalism works'.

    Capitalism is about freedom of choice, it has nothing to do with theft or any other crime. That's what those who think big-government is their defender, mistakenly believe and try to convince you.

    Crime is about self interest to the detriment of others, capitalism is about win-win scenarios so that people voluntarily enter into an exchange of goods or services.

    Nonetheless, the principle point of the video which is that big pharma employs mafia-type strategies for their greater profit is certainly worthy of consideration. That's why we are all on this forum seeking more information, so we can make more informed decisions.

    I stopped taking statins and all other medications in October 2016, contrary to my cardiologist's stern warnings because I experienced painful side-effects and considered the possibility of even worse side-effects in the future from the statins.

    There is no drug out there that can do what a healthy diet and daily exercise can accomplish.

    Making a dietary and lifestyle change is extremely difficult, but it is very rewarding. It requires enormous self-discipline and the ability to behave differently than the majority of people.

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