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coronary heart disease


my husband's left artery was blocked 100 percent a year ago. He has now had a stent put in and is taking his relevant medication and has lost 3 stone and seems to be doing fine at the moment. But recently met up with some friends who said its only a matter of time before his arteries get blocked up again and his life is shortend considerably. Got me worried. Don't know much about the subject and wondered how true this is

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Yes, do talk to his doctor. And perhaps meet up with some different friends!

If you do nothing else look up Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and read. If he continues to east a typical western diet then yes there is always a risk stents can close and grafts can fur up again and whilst nothing is ever certain the above (and many others) who support plant based diets provide hope.

Best wishes and good luck.

Concerned in reply to DJ100

Weston A Price established that the 'displacing foods of modern commerce' were detrimental to our health almost a century ago due to their diminished micro-nutrient levels. More recently it has been established the effects on our hormones of high-fructose, high-glycaemic foods, and anomalies such as yoghurt or baked beans are as big a challenge to health.

If he has lost three stones in weight he is already well on the way to a long and happy remaining life. Ditch your "friends" and go out into the fresh air and enjoy yourself. Do some walking. Get a dog. :-)

thanks to everyone who bothered to reply.

I had a stent 16 years ago when my coronary artery was 80% blocked, I had to have a double bypass this year, Stent technology has moved on since mine was put in, they now have drugs in them which stop the body blocking the stent ("healing the wound"). In hindsight I did not exercise regularly and drank and ate too much, so my lifestyle did not help (I am now probably a few stone overweight).

Shutup5 in reply to kasibarndoor

Thank you so much for sharing your experience Kasibarndoor. It made me feel better

Friend you call them friends. Get rid of them immediately.

Sure if he changes nothing in his life then anything can happen but he has lost 3 stone so he must have changed both diet and exercise and give him the lift his heart needed.

He has been given a second chance not a noose. If having a stent can only lead to another heart attack they wouldn't bother with them in the first place.

Get out walking and find new friends.

Talk to your husbands cardiologist and the british heat foundation tel 03003303311 or e-mail your question to to put your mind at ease as long as your husband maintains a healthy life style he should lead a long and happy life, I had a stent fitted june 2013 take my meds aspirin and Lipitor go to the gym daily and recently passed my dive medical when I asked about restenosis the consultant said it was less than approx. 1% a friend of mine had two stents fitted 10+ years ago and has had no problems he runs at the gym for at least 40 mins plus other exercises and he is 74/75 years old.

Shutup5 in reply to christos1

so kind of you and everyone else to reply to me and put my mind at ease. Just goes to show there are some lovely people out there

I too had a stent put into an artery closed 95% in April. I have since went on Esselstyns plant based diet although it is not easy. No meat of any kind including fish, no dairy, no oils of any description. I have too lost a load of weight and now have some gallstones which will be getting removed in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if the gallstones were brought on by the diet but I read somewhere that it is possible. I'm thinking of changing my diet to having lean chicken and some fish once in a while. To be honest, I am getting tired of eating just veg... it's been 8 months on this diet and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Quitting smoking was easy.

Shutup5 in reply to marcus911

Funny you should say that marcus911. Since losing weight my husband has developed several kidney stones, which I was suspecting was due to him sticking to a veg diet mainly. But now he eats chicken and fish once a week. But he has no cheese whatsoever.

Concerned in reply to Shutup5

The gall bladder stores bile, that needs to be evacuated regularly to prevent the residues forming stones for instance. The body uses about twice as much energy from fat as it does from carbohydrate; the farther we deviate from this ideal in terms of what we eat, the more likely we are to suffer chronic ill-health.

The only way to prolong life is to not smoke,eat no meat,exercise,pray,period.

Concerned in reply to garybu

Omnivores live as long as vegetarians do on average, despite having less healthy lifestyles in terms of smoking and activity for example, so your beliefs about meat are misplaced.

However, lean protein is the fastest way to deplete the liver of vitamin A; we should always eat the fat that accompanies protein in nature.

Then either way he will need another sent or a bypass. Cardiovascular will look after him.

christos1 in reply to Mistermoss

explain please

I'm with Andyman and Teessideslip - with friends like that who needs enemies!! Presumably it's being so cheerful that keeps them going. On a more serious note though could you not try and get a same day drs appointment for your husband? In any event I understand they can redo the stent although it may depend on where it is. My husband has one in his bile duct which was inserted a year ago due to 'probable' cancer [no biopsies done] and was told there was no treatment although they could redo it when it became blocked in a few months. 12 months on and we're still here...

I dont have any experience about it but my mom in law suffers from high cholestrol and other associated diseases . She got her angiography done where blockage was seen in her arteries but doctor said that because of regular walk new bypass arteries have developed so she doesnt need to get stent in her arteries. So I think exercise and lifestyle do matter a lot . I would suggest you to go for regular walk but do ask your doctor before doing any kind of exercise

I'm having that problem too. The biggest two steps are to eat right and if he can exercise. Keep checking it.

I very recently found out about another product called Beta-Glucan. It's a fiber that's suppose to get rid of and/or prevent cholesterol build up. I've been feeling much better a few days after I began taking it. The dosage is something to look at. It's also suppose to fight against cancer.

DakCB-UK in reply to 1Joseph1

Beta glucan is part of foods including oats, not a product, but it is good for reducing cholesterol.

have you considered using a vitamin supplement that helps with circulation and heart health??


Read my post 'Coming off Statins'.

You have control. You require a lifestyle change. I'm 54, I had a triple bypass in March 2015. If you see my picture on my post you'll see how healthy I now look.

I changed my lifestyle. I enhanced my knowledge of nutrition and fitness, and medications. Changing my lifestyle has allowed me to dramatically reduce the medications I take and I am close to coming off all medications completely.

Medications have severe side-effects, but doctors prescribe them like they're candy.

Start by understanding you are in charge of your body. You must modify your eating habits, you're life depends on it. Start by reducing sugars, not just the white powdery stuff, but the foods and drinks that contain sugars, like soft-drinks, white pasta, white rice, white bread and potatoes. LLL- learn to love legumes - all kinds of beans and nuts - focus on lentils, chick peas (garbanzo beans), cannellini beans, almonds, pecans, walnuts.

Learn that your body was designed to move, NOT to watch TV all day. Get up and move - get a fitbit and monitor your steps. Strive for a minimum of 15,000 steps daily. That's 90 minutes of walking. You can do it in chunks, it doesn't have be done all at once. Daly cardio is necessary. Eventually you can reduce the amount of time by learning the benefits of 'High Intensity Interval Training' (HIIT) in essence a 15-minute workout of HIIT will replace a 90 minute walk.

Once you're in better shape, start using resistance training - either your own body weight such as push-ups, or weights. Strive for using weights every other day.

Eventually, you'll be able to start reducing your medications and you'll start feeling better. But it takes commitment, nobody is going to give you the gift of health except you.

P.S. Saunas put too much strain on your heart - stay away from them. Sweating it out only causes temporary water loss - there is no permanent weight-loss benefit.

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