Coronary heart disease

Can anyone give me some advice please. At a pre op assessment in December last year, it was discovered I had a heart abnormality. I had an angiogram in March and I was told I have coronary heart disease. I was sent a letter saying they would send me a letter to discuss management. Two months later Nd no letter I phoned them up to say I haven't had a letter yet, only to be told they wouldn't need to see me, I would just need to manage it myself. They then sent me a letter saying they wouldn't need to see me. I asked my useless Drs practice what I should do and they said basically you can check out diet on the Internet. I'm really concerned as to lifestyle changes. I'm 5'6" and about 65kgs. My husband and sons are concerned and caring but I'd love to hear from other sufferers as to l what care they have and how they manage theirs, what exercise and diet etc. Thank you.


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  • I had a coronary artery test and came out as high risk. After research and through this website I started a WFPB no oil diet ten months ago. Much info on the web. I will have another test in two months time and hope that it will show some improvement in my arteries.

  • What's WFPB please

  • Stands for whole food plant based. If you put the initials in lots of info will come up. Bill Clinton went on this after his heart attack, you can see the interview on YouTube. Covered under USA Medicare programme

  • Thank you, I'll look that up.

  • Good Luck Anne x

  • Thank you for that. I am not able to have another coronary artery scan because of the radiation involved so am going to continue with the way of eating I have been doing for a year. There are so many good testimonials for this that it encourages you to keep on it. Unfortunately it all seems to stem from America. It is worth looking at Patrick Halford, he suggests a lot more vitamins and more fish but discusses having blood checks. I discussed this with my GP and await results.

  • Hi Paulyne

    I'm sorry to hear that you seem to have been abandoned by the health professionals who should be helping you. Being told to "look it up on the Internet" is no way to treat a patient! Did they give you any information from the hospital? Is there any way you can see a more helpful doctor?

    The British Heart Foundation has a recommended diet plan, if WFPB is not for you. My husband has followed a diet somewhere in between the two ( but not vegetarian). He has cut out as much sugar as possible and has no processed foods (no breakfast cereals, no white bread, no low fat yoghurt, no fruit juice). We cook from scratch and eat a lot of different vegetables, more than 5 a day, with good quality protein, including some red meat to ensure he is getting enough B12, iron in his diet. He also makes sure to have some olive oil every day, as research has shown it has benefits for the heart.

    It seems to be working well for him at the moment, but it is likely that different things will work for different people. His exercise is mostly brisk walking, several times a week.

    Good luck with finding what works for you.

  • Thank you for your message. What is WFPB please? I'm taking vitamin b12 tablets as I thought perhaps I shouldn't have red meat. I really do feel abandoned, I think living in overcrowded London and with too many people at the Drs and waiting times of an hour is making me think instead of living in the outskirts of London in Kent, perhaps we'd be better off moving right out. I really do appreciate your reply, thank you.

  • WFPB is a vegetarian diet, with whole grains, lots of veg, beans, some dairy, but no oil or fat. As our bodies need B12 and Omega 3, I think you would have to supplement to get them. My husband decided that he would rather eat the food that contained them, as he is not high risk. There is a lot of debate about the best diet to go for.

    I would hope that as the hospital did not ask you to come back you are not high risk? Perhaps you could ask the hospital for more details, in writing?

  • Don't accept this. I am assuming that you saw a cardiologist before and after the angiogram?

    Contact the hospital and go back and see the cardiologist. If blank gobto your GP and say you want to be referred to another hospital for a second opinion. Ask the GP and the hospital for copies of all the test results, correspondence, notes, etc.

  • Thank you, I'm a bit worried to do that but you're right, I should have had some feedback. I wonder how they would feel if it was them. I'll make an appointment with one of the gps at my practice. I feel exactly like someone else commented to me 'abandoned'. Thank you for messaging me.

  • You could ask for their complaints policy, use the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), and/or inform the Care Quality Commission anonymously.

  • Paulyne

    I suggest you don't go through PALs unless you have exhausted other routes because sometimes it can have a negative affect for the future.

  • The official Department of Health advice comes from Public Health England, and is a rehash of the flawed dogma that has been touted for the last forty years .

    IMHO, the Public Health Collaboration information is far healthier and sensible . I've been following a whole food, low glycaemic, higher natural fat diet for several years, and a scan earlier this year confirmed I have zero calcification.

  • Well absolutely , this disease is one of the common heart diseases worldwide particularly appalling its damage . Your personal history depends on the way of treatment the doctor can offer you , but generally Lifestyle management is important such as eating fruits and vegetables , trying physical activity and stabilizing your moral attitude (free from Stress) . Don't panic and be smart to live better .

  • I, like you, have heart disease, I was diagnosed after a sudden heart attack and I've also been diagnosed with a heart murmur and coronary artery spasms.

    You will need to make lifestyle changes, a low fat diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and oily fish. If you look on the British heart foundation website there's lots of excellent advice and stories that really help, and lots of recipes, you can also subscribe to their magazine. I would recommend exercise as well, look around for Pilates, yoga etc, and tell any classes you join of your medical condition and they might help you. You need to be good to yourself and listen to your body and do things in moderation.

    You're also very lucky to have a supportive family. Wish you well and hope the above helps😀

  • Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. I do have a very healthy diet, so I was really surprised to find out I have a heart condition and I'm not overweight but then both my parents died of heart attacks but they weren't as active me. Instead of eating fish once or twice a week I'll make it 3 times, as I do love fish. I quite like a biscuit with a cup of tea but I'll cut that out. Unfortunately finding exercises now, is difficult, as I have pudendal nerve entrapment (caused through a careless gynaecologist). I used to love to ride my bike but sadly that's no longer possible but I do walk as much as my body allows.

    Kind regards

  • Plenty of people who lead very healthy lives get AF and other hear diseases. Conversely many who lead very unhealthy lives and don't suffer. At the end of the day to some extent (lesser or greater) it's down to the individual's genetics and predispositions.

  • Dou are lucky that a pre op assessment found your CHD. did you have your operation?

    First have a look at this link:

    Second, make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concern. Print the information, write down all the questions you want to ask before your appointment with your GP from this link.

    My GP practice reception and the call centre always try to give me all type of answers. The other day when I asked to make an appointment at the GP practice reception, I was told not to waste the doctor's time on a repeat prescription! I was glad I got to the appointment, this is because my GP could not answer most of my questions from the printed side effect list of a medication she gave me three weeks before that time, and I got a prescription to get the medication I wanted!!!!

  • Thank you for the link, most appreciated.

    I made an appointment to see my GP, it's awful isn't it how we're treated, it was a waste of time. You get just a 10 minute appointment and he just told me to make sure I take my beta blocker, aspirin and statin and if I get breathless he prescribed me a spray to use. That was it, my 10 minute appointment was up. I asked if I'd get any follow up appointment and he told me to see the nurse yearly and to buy a blood pressure machine to check it myself.

    The operation I'd hoped they could do, they can't, not because of my heart but because it isn't operable. I have pudendal nerve entrapment which was caused by a clumsy gynaecologist. Sadly once the nerve is damaged there's nothing that can be done but it seems he also used mesh. Don't know if you've read about women who have been 'meshed up'. That's what they call it. So sadly I'm not alone. I've gone from a very healthy woman to a shadow of my former self but the support of other people on this site is marvellous.

    Thank you, kind regards

  • Do you know why your GP has prescribed aspirin?

  • When at the pre op assessment it was discovered I had a heart abnormality, I was referred to a heart consultant. I had an angiogram and I was told I have chd and it the the hospital who said I need to take aspirin and beta blockers and statins and I was discharged to the care of my gp. Unfortunately my gp has said it will be the nurse I'd need to see but I wasn't told anything about this until I asked my gp. So basically the hospital push me to my gp, my gp pushes me aside saying I need to see the nurse. I asked how often and he said yearly but buy a blood pressure machine to check it more frequently.

  • Read my post 'Coming Off Statins'

  • Hi Paulyne, maybe your heart problem was not serious enough to warrent anything being done- i was told a few years ago that i had a leaking heart valve ,worried my sick,but i discovered a year later quite by chance that it quite commen , and no need for any action to be taken, hope that helps a little to calm your fears ,, xx .

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