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Coronary Heart Disease


I had three stents one months ago. I was not that kind of person who follows a strict healthy diet but used to watch it. Since then i am trying to boost my life again. Used to workout regularly and spent a lot of time at the sauna. i have already lost weight but i am still unconfident about the future. Can i regain my fitness completely or this is a turned page. How much can i regain from my full fitness

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Well , it is really important to keep in mind that heart disease is global challenging phenomena and many different Researches are now ongoing to get precision medicine of it . from my point of view I recommend to you to be active and do your daily routine activities such as physical activity , eating diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables and good moral attitude (free from stress ) . Because nutritional approach for treating metabolic dis orders include heart disease become now new evolving discipline that exploring its effectiveness instead drug medication . Weight Management is also crucial to keep in normal range 21.2 approximate Body mass Index (BMI) .

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Any medical calculators use man made algorithm ! There is a big question mark on BMI calculation. In a height to waist ration there is only one variable, the waist. The lower the waist size the better the ratio.

May be you can check this out.

Have a look at the work of Dr Caldwell Esselstyn or Colin Campbell (plant based) and build up your fitness to whatever you are comfortable with. If you previously had reduced oxygenated blood flow you may find you can achieve a better level of fitness now than you previously could. Positive outlook crucial and I agree with the stress management too. Good luck

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Could you please explain oxygenated blood flow, thanks.

So your question is about getting back to being fit. So I had a heart attack and 4 stents. I started by walking and walked further and further each day and ended up 9 months later being able to walk 2 HOURS +. as I got faster walking I started to run I now run 10k and after I managed this I got my old bile back now cycling 20, 30 , 40ks regularly. At the moment I am in Canada on a wilderness (well next week I am) holiday canoeing and hiking and running. So build up slowly and you will get to whatever fitness you require. I also go to the gym 2 times a week to build muscle and trim my body. Just get your head around doing it and go out and do it. Really the only thing stopping you is you. The doctors will love you for it. You are not an invalid.

Hi You should have been referred to a Cardiac Rehabilitation programme. They will help support and give you the condfidence you need to get back to being fit. Cardic rehab is a combination of education and how to exercise safely. So if you have not been referred speak to your Gp

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