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Microvascular heart disease

How would a person be diagnosed with microvadcular heart disease? Are there specific tests??

I feel the young cardio doctor is just grasping at straws as I fit most of the critetia. He has no other explanation for my daily angina which has become worse since 3 stents fitted a year ago after m.i. I now have congestive heart failure stage 3. I have kidney failure stage 4 because of contrast dye.

I have never felt worse. No energy. Not able to do any activity. Walk 100 steps. Life not worth living. Nuclear stress test was 'normal'. Why do I feel so bad?

Is there ANYTHING that can be done??

Is there anything (else) I can do???

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Sorry to hear about your problems, and the side-effects of the contrast dye.

Are you in possession of your recent blood test results? You are legally entitled to copies of your lab results WITH the lab reference ranges that are stated alongside each lab result. If you present your lab results WITH the lab reference ranges, on this forum, people can then comment on them.

BUT, please remember, we are only offering opinions, sometimes with documents from online sources. BUT, we are not your doctor and we are not medically trained. 🖖🏻

Ps. It's also a good idea to state what meds you're taking. 🖖🏻

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I do have very recent blood test results.

I take 2.5 bisoprolol 2.5 ramipril 75mg aspirin, furesimide as needed, Cordioplast patch 5mg and nitro spray as needed.

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Patricia, please present all of your recent blood test results WITH their reference ranges, so that people can comment on them. If you have the lab results and reference ranges of Vit D, Vit B12, and various other tests, please present those too, inc. lipids and thyroid.


Vit results all normal range.

Have hipothyroidism. Tsh 1.34

Have hypoaldosteroneism

Have cholesterol of 230 and ldl of 160 but cannot take statins or ezitimibe for terrible muscle pains. Have high triglicerides which is very common with ckd as kidneys cannot remove. I already follow low fat low carb etc diet.



The reason I asked that you present your lab results WITH the lab reference ranges was because "normal" doesn't tell me or anyone else anything. Different labs use different reference ranges. Giving lab results without lab reference ranges is pointless and a waste of time.

Furthermore, the thyroid factor is very important, and yet you didn't mention it... until I mentioned it.

Please consider creating a post of ALL of your recent tests WITH reference ranges inc. thyroid, lipids, Vit D, Vit B12, etc, on the Thyroid UK forum. You can copy create a new post of it all on this forum and then compare the feedback that you receive on both forums.

And remember to include all of your meds and doses.


Ah! Ok. I didnt realise. Didnt want to overload when most people not medically qualified anyway.

Those are my meds and doses i put in.

Thank you for your kind advice


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