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High carbs and low protein diet works well



I am definitely coming to the conclusion that all food is good for you!! - if you don't eat, then you die!!!!

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In the 50's poor people in Sri Lanka ate roasted food, corn, cassava, plantain, sweet potato at least for one meal!!!.

None on those people went to hospital, as farmer's helping hand they had their regular exercise and earned a daily wage for feed the family.

I saw this in Nigeria in the late 70's.

Therefore fresh food cooked well is the answer.

Having diabetes doesn't fit with a high carbohydrate diet, whether it is unadulterated or not.

The famer's helping hand worked 8- hours, 7 days a week when there is work.

Work started 5 AM. Simple food, tea without milk or sugar. One good meal in the evening!

They had a healthy life.

I'm not disputing that sandybrown.

Just to reiterate some facts; a high carbohydrate diet is not suitable for anyone with diabetes, and the first thing we have to do following activity is recover otherwise it starts to impair our repair and immunity mechanisms.

Essentially, the right amount of activity is vital to a healthy life, BUT is not a healthy, long-term fiddle-factor for eating too much carbohydrate (witness Sir Steve Redgrave and Professor Tim Noakes).

They only need to average 6 hours of exercise per day? That will impede the formation of visceral fat, and explains the susceptibility to infection. It's interesting they don't say their arteries are calcification free; they are better than an average American's thankfully.

Of course most of us aren't that active.

They could compare it to a way of eating where people also eat minimally processed food, but consume macro-nutrients in proportion to how the body actually uses them. Again, for most people, that would mean getting most calories from natural fat rather than eating carbohydrate to be turned into fat.

I could just be a genetic freak, not inheriting the susceptibility to heart disease of both my parents; unlikely, especially since I had a scare with sugar in my urine before I started eating healthier.

Let's face it; the food industry isn't going to let go of this low-fat mantra without a fight because of the profits/vested interests involved.

Is THIS the secret to a long life?

Remote tribe living deep in the Amazon is found to have the healthiest arteries ever studied

Tsimane people, who live in the Bolivian Amazon, spend most of every day active

Nine out of ten tribes people had clear arteries showing no risk of heart disease

One 80-year-old had arteries resembling those of Americans in their mid-fifties

Read more:

Members of the remote South American tribe are far less likely to develop heart disease as they age.

That's because the tribes people have extremely healthy arteries thanks to their active lifestyle.

Professor Hillard Kaplan, from the University of New Mexico, who led the study, said: 'Their lifestyle suggests that a diet low in saturated fats and high in non-processed fibre-rich carbohydrates, along with wild game and fish, not smoking and being active throughout the day could help prevent hardening in the arteries of the heart.'

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech...

The Tsimane people, pictured at the entrance of a traditional home, who live in the Bolivian Amazon, have the healthiest arteries ever studied by scientists

Read more:

No, it's a classic case of observer bias. I don't have calcification of the arteries at all, and I eat plenty of saturated fat.

It reads like someone has an agenda to get people more active, glossing over the acknowledgement that the Tsimane are more susceptible to infections and inflammation.

in reply to sandybrown

It is an interesting article but these people do not have the stress in their lives that we have in our modern society. No cars, no bills to pay, no pollution, no going to work every day that we have to do whether we want to or not, no modern technology, the list is endless which is why the results from this trial is difficult to judge against our way of life. Only the fit ones survive to grow up makes a difference too as they have no hospitals or doctors.

People get confused with the term low carb. The important thing is to remove all simple carb's complex carb's eaten by their tribe of people are fine. Notice they are not eating bread and pasta. The other interesting thing was their susceptibility to infections could this be because of their very low cholesterol which is needed to fight infections.

To be fair though, they exercised 6 hours a day. They also had very high CRP levels which we in the West see as a sign of heart disease (in their case it was because of infection)

One of the fittest guys on the planet - Ranulph Fiennes - had a heart attack, he said because of high fats but probably over exercise and stress

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