Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol

Hello everyone. I am after a bit of advice. I have just had my sons (13) full lipid results back and have been told his thyroid is raised. 5.64 (should be 1-5). Has anyone else been in this situation? After doing some quick research It seems an over active thyroid can increase LDL (his is 5.94, total 8.3). The receptionist said he would be likely offered medication to reduce his thyroid but as a mother that has managed to hang off the statins for the time being I am not sure the best thing to treat first. He sees the consultant next month and i know he will suggest starting the statins then but I am wondering what the connection is. I am not aware that his thyroid has been checked before (or mine !). Thanks

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  • I'm no expert, but I know that thyroid problems can raise cholesterol and cause actual symptoms.

    Did you have your FH confirmed by genetic testing and has your son been tested as well?

  • I was told I had FH 24 years ago and my son 3 years ago (high cholesterol is in my mums side of the family). Genetic test went awol so they were redone and hoping for results nex t month. Consultant told me that whatever the results he is convinced we have FH due to the high LDL. I was interested that the thyroid test has only just been done when it seems that it can be a factor in the LDL results. I am going to ask for a thyroid test for me to see it could also be a factor.

  • Do you have a breakdown of his VLDL, HDL and triglycerides?

  • Results were Serum Cholesterol (total) 8.3, HDL 2.1, LDL 5.94, Tri 0.6, ratio 4.0

  • His VLDL is related to his triglycerides, which appear nice and low, and suggest the particle size of most of his LDL will be the harmless, large-fluffy kind, coupled with good levels of HDL.

    Seek a second opinion for reassurance.

  • Thank you for your reply. This is one of my questions on my list to ask at his appointment. Our family has high LDL but no early deaths which is why I do not want to rush into medication (hopefully avoiding it all together).

  • That's worrying, sorry to hear it, yes thyroid can affect cholesterol, my GP mentioned it when mine was raised.

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