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Cholesterol Busting Super-Soup - Redux

Soluble Fiber is lacking in the typical Western diet. Soluble fiber is ESSENTIAL in lowering the atherogenic LDL-P cholesterol, naturally, without statin drugs.

Some people have made comments that foods high in soluble fiber are unpalatable. That's because most people don't have a good recipe.

Preparing good-tasting, healthy meals is an ongoing challenge whether you're on a plant-based diet or not. Most people have read and learned about some of the 'super-foods' that are high in anti-oxidants and fiber that will lower bad cholesterol as it is found in LDL-P and ApoB. Some of these foods include, chick peas, lentils, beans, barley, and tumeric among other things.

Now you can cover all the bases in one sitting with this recipe for what I call 'Super-Soup':

This soup is absolutely delicious, hearty and satisfying. One bowl and you will feel satiated and energized. The best thing about it is it contains the fiber we all need to remove the bad cholesterol.

One pot of this will supply you with cholesterol-busting food and nutrients for 3-4 days. You can even freeze the soup if you don't want to have it more than 2 days in a row.

Enjoy...again...and again!

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You do not even need the oil to fry the onions, some water, orange juice etc will work as well. Over 16 months on the WFPB no oil way of eating I have become quite adept at using many recipes and my husband enjoys making them for me. He is still on the usual English diet. The Forks over Knives website gives lots of ideas and like your recipe is American based but you get used to adapting it. All the people that write in with problems about not being able to lose weight should try this, I have never felt hungry and have to make sure that I eat enough not to lose any more weight.


I'm the same, I have to make sure I eat enough protein. I usually supplement with egg whites.

Thanks for writing and for the info about oil.


I add a tablespoon of psyllium husk to my morning oats most days

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Good strategy!


I have currently some Blueberries with Oats on top. Then soak overnight with water and cook in the morning for my breakfast.


That's also good, but you can elevate your game and reduce cholesterol further by adding this soup to your diet.

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