Cholesterol-Busting Super-Soup

Preparing good-tasting, healthy meals is an ongoing challenge whether you're on a plant-based diet or not. Most people have read and learned about some of the 'super-foods' that are high in anti-oxidants and fibre that will lower bad cholesterol as it is found in LDL-C and ApoB. Some of these foods include, chick peas, lentils, beans, barley, and tumeric among other things.

Now you can cover all the bases in one sitting with this recipe for what I call 'Super-Soup':

My wife made it last night and it is absolutely delicious, hearty and satisfying. One bowl and you will feel satiated and energized. The best thing about it is it contains the fibre we all need to remove the bad cholesterol.

One pot of this will supply you with cholesterol-busting food and nutrients for 3-4 days. You can even freeze the soup if you don't want to have it more than 2 days in a row.


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  • Had a look, what is the cost of getting all the ingredients?

    My wife make soup not with all the ingredients, we pick up, reduced veg from ASDA, use Indian specie which we have at home, cook it like a curry, cool it and then in the blender, we keep it for two days. Works well.

    Reduce veg cost is less than £3.00. If we go for 50p or £1.00 veg not reduced we can have four veg soup.

  • I'm sorry I don't know the cost. My wife buys the ingredients as part of our regular shopping so I don't think she has separated out these specifically.

    I'm sure the cost is reasonable since you're buying vegetables and not meat. In general, chick peas, lentils and beans are cheap.

  • We buy chick peas, lintels and beans in cans or in packet. Cans are quick to prepare and cheep.

    The one from packet we have to leave it in water over night to get soft before cooking.

  • Have made the soup cost as you say very reasonable. Soup is an amazing way of using up any veg in your fridge. I've even put lettuce leaves in a soup to use up. Thought your recipe very tasty. I usually freeze in special soup/sauce bags and take out when required. Lovely to rediscover pearl barley not used it for years. Thanks

  • I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it. Has it helped your cholesterol levels?

  • I'm afraid I haven't had my cholesterol checked for a while! Must get around to it. Even though my total cholesterol sits around 6.7 my TG and HDL ratio been good so a wee bit complacent! But I'm very health conscious so hopefully all good.

  • Instead of the standard lipid panel, consider getting your Apo B and ApoA-1 measured. ApoB is a better measure of the atherogenic particles that cause the accumulation of plaque than the LDL-C measure which is part of the normal lipid panel. It is still important to get the triglycerides checked though.

  • Thank you will do.

  • Looks delicious - all stock cupboard ingredients so look forward to preparing very soon, thanks for posting!

    Think I will add curly kale as it is sold by the kilo in our local, organic farm shop and can get a heap for less than 50p. Look for what is fresh and in season and make the most of it.

    Another good one is cabbage, plenty around and very cheap, any type. Try roasting it any time you have the oven on, trickle a little oil over wedges in a roasting tin - tastes completely different and very yummy - you will NEVER boil cabbage ever again!

  • Totally agree about the cabbage!

  • How long do you roast typical cabbage for? Does it vary by type? I'd expect a crinkly savoy to cook quicker than a hard red.

  • Here's an information piece on the nutritional benefits of cabbage:

    Cabbage is very healthy, but man cannot live by cabbage alone. The soup recipe I put up has many different legumes in it as well as barley which gives it a rich flavour and makes it a hearty and satisfying meal.

  • Depends on oven setting - approx 20-30 mins depending on density as you say and size of wedges,

    sos - it was just an aside - your soup recipe looks very nourishing.

  • Thanks. I tried a couple of ways last night. The best results were cutting a head of Savoy into eight wedges, drizzle with olive oil, seasoned, roasted 15 minutes at 400, flipped, reseasoned, roasted 10 minutes more.

    Cutting black cabbage into chunks and roasting them was less successful, but resulted in something like the crunchy "seaweed" that Chinese takeaways sell. I tried to make that in the past following a recipe without success but it seems that thin-sliced black cabbage roasted with oil and salt would be close enough.

  • Roger that, CDREAMER, thanks.

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