Homocysteine more important than cholesterol ?

In their paper Norwegian researchers concluded that blood homocysteine levels were the sgtrongest predictor of death, surpassing all other study parameters including Cholesterol, Triglycerides ApoB APO A1 ....."

Why have you not been told about this marker let alone offered a test for it as part of your check up. Could it be that the solution to high Homocysteine is a simple Vit B2 B6 B12 and folate supplement as I found out. Read more at


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  • The number of research articles connecting Homocysteine with heart disease is quite overwhelming. Just do a search through PubMed. Are you suggesting Traci that Homocysteine should not be considered just because he has avoided tax, if so perhaps I should stop laughing at Ken Dodds jokes

  • Maybe you should look up the studies rather than the guy quoting them

  • You are doubting the quality of the person not the quality of the information. Lets flip this around in the 1970's we trusted a load of misinformation about diet and cholesterol and saturated fat because it came from so called 'trusted' people. I get the feeling that you are trying to discredit the Homocysteine connection to Heart Disease, why would you want to do that ?.

  • I fail to see the same strength of connection between child abuse and Saville and a tax dodger and scientific research on heart disease. In fact so many GP's are tools of the system, afraid to speak out for fear of being struck off or penalised in some other way that a tax dodger might actually be a good sign, a maverick if you like. A person willing to think for himself and say what he thinks. The most important thing for me in a doctor is whether he is honest about his work, not whether he is honest about his tax returns. If you go to pubmed and search under Homocysteine and heart disease (append tax dodger if you like :)) you will find a mountain of research connecting the two.

  • Why in the name of anything holy do you link the post with child abuse?

    If you know nothing of homocysteine (odd considering this site) why not look it up?

  • Very unhelpful Traci!

  • There are 30 references at the foot of his article how many have you checked ?

  • The taxman vehemently would disagree.

    (BTW I tiled two of Ken Dodds bathrooms).

  • Cash in hand I presume :)

  • It is imperative we take the medical facts and learn from it to help us all. There are more to CVD on top of cholesterol. After 30 yeas of some medication people are opening their eyes and also on food intake advice!!!

    Universities, WHO, GPs all keep to their guide lines if it is correct or incorrect.

    There has been a lot of information on full fat milk, butter, coconut oil and so on.

  • Homocysteine is hugely important. Ad hominem dismissal isn't!

  • What is happening here?

    Moving away from "Homocysteine more important than cholesterol ?"

  • This is one of the most up to date Cochrane Reviews on the effects of reducing homocysteine in the body. They found no evidence that it should be used to prevent CVD.

    There may be other studies giving different results.


  • Thats not quite correct, the cochrane report found no evidence of reduced cardiac EVENTS not zero reduction in cardiac disease. These are not the same thing. I can find many many reports linking Homocysteine with cardiac disease and so I would suggest that it would be wise to get this checked and if elevated taking action to lower it with a cheap and natural solution of Vit b2 B6 B12 and Folate.

  • Barter and Rye suggest in the link below that High Homocysteine may be linked to HD via a lowering of HDL effect. Lack of reduction in outcomes from recent trials may be due to the effect of treatment for lowering Homocysteine rather than the actual lowering. In other words lowering of Homocystiene may still be advisable but alternatives to Folate, B12 etc should be sought.


  • If Barter is correct in that alternatives are needed to lower Homocysteine then this report tracked Green tea Vs Vit B's and folate. They found that Green tea was just as effective. Incidently Coffee has been shown to increase Homocysteine.


  • And in contrast this report suggests that Green tea and black tea could interrupt the way we absorb Folate and hence increase Homocysteine. This interests me because when I came of B supps for just over 2 weeks my Homocysteine did not really go back up but what I had done during that phase was stick to lemon tea rather than my usual green tea. I do not however know whether just over 2 weeks would be significant enough but what I will do is repeat this for a longer period and retest.


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