Hi Everybody....Went to Doc..told him I'm now eating healty foods & given up drink. Working on stopping smoking. He decided to do a new blood tests (Fasting) next Tuesday morning to see if anything has changed. Wouldn't give statins until new liver test (will probably have to wait awhile for that as I live in Ireland and long waiting list). Giving up all Carbs. Will be eating plenty of fish, chicken garlic , & fresh veg...Porrage & other healthy stuff. Biggest problem will be stopping smoking but determened to do it.

Wouldn't give me any figures on previous tests as he wants to start complete new set of tests.

Anyway I'm still alive and hoping for a healther future..THANKS for all the advice everybody gave me yesterday....BYE for now


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5 Replies

  • Giving up smoking is only difficult if you don't really want to. There is no easy fix. For me it was just cold turkey and determination. You can do it. Use the positive energy you are showing.

  • yes....I know what you mean...I done it from 1983-2000 ...Made the mistake of accepting ONE cig from a friend who I met on a two year computer course in 2000 and was back on them with a vengeance.

  • congratulations on giving up drinking. I'm guessing that a lot of your high cholesterol is triglycerides, so that should improve quite quickly when you start drinking.

    Your liver is the main issue here, not your cholesterol, so give it time.

  • stop drinking I meant, please don't start again!

  • Your correct...lot of my high cholesterol is triglycerides. It brought a big smile to my face when You said start instead of Stop. Don't worry I knew what you meant. I've being drinking too much all my life. It got MUCH worse last Christmas when my nephew (who was like a son to me committed Suicide) and my Mother who I loved dearly Died two weeks later. I went on a six months binge and lived on JUNK food. Hopefully that's over now, but I still crave a drink. I'm taking life one day at a time...bye for now

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