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making sense of my husbands letter from Dr Pantazis, ( cardiac consultant)

Does anyone know what the following means in plain English... "...mildly dilated atrium (3.9cm). There is a filament which is mobile on the right atrium attached to the ICD lead. Mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation . Estimated PASP 35mm/Hg. He has a diagnosis of HOCM and has a ICD fitted. Thank you : )

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I am not a professional but reading this :-The regurgitation means leaky valves, mild so not of concern.

Dilated atrium means slightly enlarged.

The rest I don't know but probably relates to the device fitted.

Best wishes


thank you : ). much appreciated : )


Please consult your specialist, cardiologist or another GP. It is imperative that you get the translation correct! There are a lot of simple medical details can be lost.


thank you : ) we are grateful for your help


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