A good tried and tested diet to help lose weight

Hi is there anyone out there who has used a good diet which has helped them shed a lot of weight. I really need to lose weight and it's become essential since my heart attack, the other problem I have is that I have a mobility problem with my left knee so can't work out like I used to. Any tips and ideas would be most appreciated 😀


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  • There is an NHS weight loss site on HU, which might be worth a look, although the recommended amount of carbohydrates is on the high side for weight loss for some people.


    This is another site with some good advice, although you may not need the amount of protein recommended.


  • After my heart attack I lost 80 pounds by cutting my calories to less than 1500 a day. I did this by eating smaller portions and cutting carbs and fat and meat. I used a app to monitor my intake called Myfitnesspal which was essential. BUT I also exercised each day. I walked an hour a day. But as you have a problem with your knee then you will have to find another form of exercise. Maybe upper body exercising or rowing. But I feel food intake and exercise go in hand. Good luck.

  • Hi andyman

    I hope you don't mind me asking but what app did you use?

  • Myfitnesspal

  • I did it simply by eating more healthily, smaller portions and lots of water. You don't really need to follow a strict diet.

  • Hi I lost over 30kgs using LCHF diet following an emergency transplant. I also have mobility problems, spine, hips & neck. I had always eaten healthy foods, but was never able to loss much weight how ever hard I stuck to diets. Has helped both me & my partner. Good luck in any diet you follow

  • Hi, I find the Harcombe Diet very good (and quick) for losing weight. I have done it 2 times and had great results though I was having egg & bacon quite a lot and more eggs than I should really but there are other things you can have instead. Also you don't need to exercise and the weight still drops off and stays off if you're careful. It basically cuts out sugar and anything processed so is very healthy. Good luck - hope this helps, I'm going back on it now (minus lots of eggs !!)

  • I lost 3 stone and have put only a very little back by doing a combination of 5:2 diet and HFLC

    I ditched weight watchers - I had been a member there for over 30 years and lost the same 2 stone more times than I can remember! Also the NHS weight loss programme I thought useless: far too much carbohydrate and it doesn't satisfy for long enough. I also ditched breakfast cereals with milk in favour of eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread eat loads of fruit and vegetables and fish. Very little meat.

    3 good meals a day and snacking only of fruit and a few nuts. You will feel so well too. Exercise is necessary too, a brisk walk for at least half an hour daily.

    Time was when I would get cravings mid afternoon but now I rarely do.

  • 5-2 diet is very good as you do get to eat quite alot. Only two portions of fruit a day is a bit hard though!! Good luck

  • Wow so much advice - thank you

    My problem is eating too late and portion control- although the latter is getting better.

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