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cramps from statins

hi all .

after reading some of the comments about muscle pain and statins i thought i had written them myself.

aches from head to toe,cramps in legs,stiff neck are all my symptoms.

after four tries taking different brands of statins as recomended by my doctor i have stopped for good.

i am 66 years old and lead a healthy colesteral is high so i have found other ways of

reducing it.

eat porridge every day,eat about 9 almonds in their skin [husk] everyday and eat some raw vegs

for some reason the almonds in their husk not only lowers bad colesterol but raises good colesteral

also cut out all eggs.

i am also taking omega 3 fish oil 1000mg three times daily and am feeling much better.

will have blood test in september to check on colesteral levels and will report back then

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I could barely walk without pain on statins and off them one month now and all leg cramps are gone and it's wonderful. My doctor suggested omega 3 and I just do not want to go back on statins at all. I have APS and do not have high cholesterol but was given statin because it's supposed to have effects to get my heart healthy. Hope your great healthy lifestyle and good advice from your MD keeps you well.

Have a great day.


hi loretta1106

omega 3 fish oil is great for general health

my doctor also suggested fish oil for my cholesterol

glad to hear your pain and cramps are gone

stay away from statins

good luck


Thanks. Since my TIA in March, I've been told to stay off all vitamins, but do know that my GP said Omega 3 sometimes helps when you're taking statins. I'll ask her if I can start taking it.


hi loretta1106.

high dose omega 3 fish oil (1000 or higher) seems to help when not on statins.

anyway good for joints as well


Iv`e tried statins once, & as far as I`m concerened, the drug companies can stick them where the sun never shines!


i get serve muscle cramps all over my body and a lot of muscle wasting after taking statin liptor i will try omega 3 hope it works thanks


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