Has anyone noticed any weight gain when taking statins.? I also suffer with a bloated stomach which I did not have before taking them.. I am not eating any more than before and in fact I am on a diet and cutting down on some things because I am going on a Cruise. Seems like a losing battle. I take 10mg Atorvastatin.


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  • Please take a look at today's post medication or diet.

  • Hi I also take 10mg atorvastatin, I will be honest I did put some weight on when I first went on it, I was also convinced I wasn't eating any more but I did a week of MFP and I was eating more calories than I actually needed, I have cut out the crap food and eating healthier, still slip up now and again as to be expected but I am slowly losing it.

    I think maybe going on statins might make us feel safe so we could eat more fat/sugary foods, I'm not saying you are but I definitely did.

  • There are more information you need to offer!!!!

    What do you think is MFP?

    Face reality!, the only way to control our health problem is to reduce what goes into our mouth!

    Medication is not the answer, you need to stop and think, Why? and what? .

    Regular exercise and food and drinks intake control can help you towards a healthy life.

    There are a lot of information on this sire for your to read to get a healthy life.

  • Thats told me hasnt it!

  • I'm not sure why your so anti drugs, I'm afraid some people need them to stay alive, or do you think that they shouldn't take them and just accept the inevitable, death, I don't think so, we all have a choice and I think its up to the individual to make an informed decision.

    Choice is ours not someone who thinks we should do just what's shouted the loudest

  • And what do you think is shouted the loudest, well those with the largest budget, yes Big Pharma. No one is saying dont take drugs but what we are saying is that to make it the first and only port of call is scandalous. Drugs will not cure the root cause of our problems.

  • If you read my posts you will see that I have never advice anyone to use drugs as there first option, diet and exercise which I tried for 5/6 years and at a good healthy weight between 8 and 9 stone was not working.

    Yes pharmaceutical firms make money, what company doesn't go into business to accumulated wealth, but where does all the research come from, I will listen to anyone's point of view but having studied many years to be capable of making informed decisions I do not need any one to try and force there point of view on statins or any other drug available via prescription from a reputable GP, I don't try to force my opinion on others and offer the best advice I feel appropriate, if others on site decide not to take a drug that's there choice, I wouldn't deem it up to me to tell them different. Also I wasn't implying that it was the pharmaceutical companies that shout loud, I meant some members.

  • I would be interested to know what you mean by not working

  • I mean that unless I go on a massive completely fat free diet, which is not going to happen, because as I said, my weight is at its optimum for my age height and build, my cholesterol was at a limit that was not exceptable for me, I consulted with my Dr who I trust and after 5/6 years of trying to lower it I decided to take the lowest dose of statin available, thats what I meant by not working,

  • If you dont mind me asking what was your cholesterol levels and what was your cholesterol subfractions ?

  • 5.6

  • My cholesterol was 8.9 and the LDL was 5.6 I did manage over 6 months to get it down to 7.6 but LDL was still high and I was down to 8 stone, everyone said how frail I looked, my diet was good and I swam 4/5 times a week plus walking, after a while you decide its just to much of a battle to keep such a strict diet regime.

    I tried plant stanols and niacin but it had a nominal effect.

    I tried all the natural remedies including beetroot juice, whan you get that desperate its time to look at meds.

  • What are your cholesterol subfractions, in other words what is your LDL particle number, what is your HDL particle number, what is your LDL size or pattern (A or B) what is your Lipoprotein(a) number

  • I dont know. GP just said 5.6 bit high cause i got heart condition

  • Does it concern you that the measurements I quoted are more predictive of future disease and problems than the figures your doctor is quoting you. if you doctors numbers are high but the subfractions I mentioned are good I would be inclined to stop worrying.

  • Thanks I will look up the exact figures on my blood test results

  • The problem is you wont get the figures on a standard blood test from your GP. The reason being fairly obvious

  • P007,

    You are legally entitled to a printout of your lab results with their reference ranges.

  • Yes I have already printed out my results. Thanks everyone for their comments.

  • Whats MFP. excuse my ignorance. I am definately not eating more because i have in fact cut down to lose weight for my cruise. I never eat junk foods or takeaways and cook from scratch. No ready meals either. Thanks for your reply.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for your reply.Whats MFP. excuse my ignorance. I am definately not eating more because i have in fact cut down to lose weight for my cruise. I never eat junk foods or takeaways and no ready meals either.

  • Hi it is my fitness pal, I have used it now for about 6 months and it doesn't tell you what to eat just how to judge calorie intake, I have no idea what bala thinks it is, some major drug I think but its good to have a goal, I'm sorry but drugs are not always bad, they have kept my MIL alive for 20+ years, she's 89 and doing her own cooking and most of her cleaning, she's been on statins for over 20 years.

    Sorry for late reply

  • I dont know what bala means either! I have to take meds for my heart condition and I know if I didnt I would be dead so I would rather take my meds and put up with some side effects. I was only interested in whether other people put weight on when taking statins.

  • Its good that there are drugs out there that give people the chance to live relatively normal " whatever normal is" lives, u do what's best for your health not some body else's opinions, I just had a pie LOL

  • Haha. Good for you

  • And a pkt of crisps, thank goodness for statins LOL only joking, I have a spoil yourself day and it is either Friday or Saturday

  • Saturday is my "no diet " day. Nice meal home cooked. Slice of cake and a couple of glasses of wine. Red of course as it is supposed to be better for you. Have to diet then for 6 days so I can lose weight for my Cruise on 4th Sept. Best not have a cholestral blood test after that for a while. Ha Ha. I am in pain 24 hours a day with torn shoulder rotator cuff which is inoperable. I have two snapped biceps as well all in my right arm and I am right handed. Arthritis of the spine and knee. Heart and kidney and bowel conditions and so at 69 I am going to enjoy myself while I can.

  • Wine is good for you, especially red of course, I have a glass about once a month, tends to have adverse effect on me and can't sleep after, weird. I have a few things as well, age is not a great thing, especially older age LOL I have UC and RA but lucky I don't take meds for them, my partner is waiting to see consultant in September, he has torn his bicep off the bone eeeek not nice but doesn't cause him too much pain, they reckon once its torn completely it is easier LOL

  • Thanks for your comments.

  • I did not experience any weight gain while on statins although I have heard of that side effect.

    I recommend that you read all of my posts on 'Coming Off Statins' and weight loss.

  • I have definitely put on weight and my stomach feels bloated - been on this for about three months. I put on weight in the first six weeks even though I changed my diet completely to aid the lowering of cholesterol by cutting out dairy almost entirely - cutting out any processed meat - ie the occasional ham sandwich - I do not eat any other processed food and cook from scratch every night - mostly fish or chicken with lots of veg. My family kept asking if I had lost weight as I was being so careful with what I ate - but I was putting it on. I have a thyroid problem so have been careful of my diet for years anyway. I am also now feeling very depressed - does anyone else have that side effect?

  • I am so glad that it isnt just my imagination putting on weight with the Statins. I have actually been cutting down on my portions of food as I have been trying to lose weight for my Cruise and so it can only be the Statins?

  • Welshbint,

    You just said it yourself - "I have a thyroid problem". Your thyroid gland governs cholesterol/Lipid levels. If optimal treatment is provided for your thyroid function, your cholesterol/lipids will then naturally normalise themselves to what your body considers is necessary.

    What was the reason that your doctor gave when prescribing statins? What were your cholesterol/lipid levels prior to taking statins?

    Did your doctor prescribe, or advise you to take, CoQ10?

  • my thyroid problem has been ongoing for the last 25 years and is under control with medication for all that time. I have had no problem with my cholesterol until recently. My thyroid levels are checked every six months and therefore I do not think it has anything to do with that and neither does my doctor.

  • Did you GP explain to you why there is problem with cholesterol now even though you had thyroid problems for 25 years?

    Looking to see if there is any connection to cholesterol and age?

  • Welshbint,

    It may well be that your dose needs adjusting.

    I and many other people have experienced repeated mis/non diagnosis of issues over the years, which gave us false confidence that the doctors knew what they were talking about.

    You are legally entitled to the lab printout of your lab results with the associated lab reference ranges that should be included. If you get them, you can then consider posting them on the Thyroid UK forum of this site to see what opinions you receive from other members, which you can then choose to consider/dismiss.

    Acclaimed medics (not the mass of mediocre medics) have known for approx. the last 100 yrs that the thyroid gland and cholesterol levels are intrinsically linked.

    Doctors and even endocrinologists frequently claim that if the lab results are inside the ref. range, or are not far outside of the ref. range, then everything is fine and normal. Such claims are false. These false claims were made to me - repeatedly - even by the Lead Clinician of an Endocrinology Dept. A few yrs later, when pushed, the Lead Clinician admitted that my lab results were not and had not been good. I had been deliberately mislead. My own GP deliberately misinformed me recently with the same false claims about my lab results. When I challenged him he then admitted that he knew that my results were not good. Clearly, if I had not challenged the Lead Clinician and then my GP, the deliberate misinformation would have continued.

    The question is, are your thyroid results below the range? Above the range? Inside the range but at the bottom end? Inside the range but at the top end? Or, in the middle of the range?

    It matters WHERE inside the ref. range your thyroid results are. And to know, properly, you will need at the very least, the FT3, FT4 and TSH. It is unlikely that your doctor tested your FT3. Without the FT3 result, you will not get an accurate overview of how well/badly these three hormones communicate with each other.

    Your doctor should have also tested Vit D3 and Vit B12 and given you those lab printouts as well, with the ref. ranges. The thyroid gland also requires selenium for the conversion of thyroid hormones.

  • Have you fired your GP?

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