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A lot of negative things are said on this site about taking statins. I blame myself for not having added to the discussion before as the positive side of statins is hardly ever discussed. Statins were not available for my Mother and she died at seventy. I am sure if they had been available she would have taken them. I feel sad that she never had the choice and may have lived longer taking statins. I have taken them for years and am now seven years older than the age my Mother had her first heart attack. I have never had a problem taking statins. I can't be the only one can I ?

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I have taken statins for nearly 12 years, and like you have had no severe side effects apart from some muscle problems but changing the statin type resolved ok. I have read about memory loss problems too and as I get older not sure if my lapses of memory can be attributed to statins. My father died of a sudden heart attack at age 69, 26 years ago, and this was before statins were available like your mother.

HOWEVER, I am not convinced that statins has been of any great benefit in my own case as it doesn't seem to have prevented my risk of a heart attack.

My initial heart risk was diagnosed via a private CT scan I had in March 2004. My GP didn't give any credence to the CT test but did eventually refer me to a cardiologist who did a stress test and then angiogram which confirmed I had "mild" atherosclerosis, prescribed 10 mg simvastatin, 75 mg aspirin and 25 mg atenolol and a " standard nhs low fat diet". I was ecstatic that my risk had been identified and I could then manage my risks.

BUT, in January 2012 I had another private CT Scan and to my horror it had identified my risks to have risen considerably, even though I had been taking statins and avoiding high fats in my diet for over 8 years. back to GP and payed to see cardiologist another angiogram which confirmed now my atherosclerosis had progressed considerably and I was close to a heart attack. Had a bypass operation in February 2013 and pleased to be alive - so not sure what statins had been doing for me in all those years that my atherosclerosis had been getting increasingly worse.

What I have some since December 2013 when I did as much research as I could about preventing heart disease is to follow a predominantly plant based diet as advocated by Caldwell Esselstyn in his book. I now control my cholesterol, which has always been under 5 while on the statins, to be below 3.8 and this is primarily achieved by the radical change to a plant based diet -no diary, no animal products.

I am still religiously taking my daily rosuvastatin 10mg and aspirin BUT when I next see my GP will ask for a review if this is really necessary as I believe I can control my cholesterol by diet alone.

So, has stains been doing me any good? I am not convinced.

Further recent research and a video called Statin Nation and $29 billion dollar statins book further doubts my conviction taking statins are benificial.

So I think the jury is out in my case.


I am surprised that I am the only person to have replied in the 3 days since Linda_Lincolnshire62 original post. Does this indicate a lack of confidence in taking statins by contributors to this site? I am looking to be convinced that taking statins is beneficial and would like to hear from those who can provided real evidence about the positive side of taking statins - so far it seems lacking! All I can conclude from my experience is that taking statins does not prevent artery plaque formations getting increasingly worse, however, radically changing my diet may well have a more significant beneficial effect. Any other views please?

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I certainly have a lack of confidence in taking statins having taken simavastatin for 5.5 months and then having liver function going 4 times over maximum. At the time I was willing to try another statin because I had seen that some people did OK on other ones. However (certainly at least in my case) my GP said as a result of what had happened NO to any statin. Cholesterol level has been reduced by dietary changes.


And I haven't given up meat!!!!


I understand only too well that taking any kind of medicine can be problematic and I am very careful after having a bad reaction to tablets prescribed for a breathing problem. Years ago people tried to talk me into not taking a steroid inhaler and that has been a life changer for me. Diet kept my cholesterol down to 7 until the menopause hit and it then went up to 10. At this point I reluctantly went on statins and am now around 5, diet alone would not have helped me. Interestingly it was my partner who noticed I did not look well and after blood test it was found how high my cholesterol had gone. It is a minefield out there and I am constantly looking for solutions or help.


Linda, Yes it is a minefild out there in knowing what the best solution is. Not everybody is the same and our bodies seem to react differently. Unfortunately our GPs only seem to prescribe pills as remedies, but it is sites like this where we can all share our expereineces that help us to make our own informed decisions. I am in a quandery now as I think I might now be able to control my cholesterol by diet alone and that will be my discussion next time I see my GP. Lets all keep sharing our experiences. Good Luck. Bob


be careful if you take statins if you start to have any side effects stop right away please . I have tried 4 statins being told they just had to find the right ones I had lots of side effects including muscle loss which I am trying to right still after 2 years of not taking statins .

I take 3 plant sterol tablets daily , 1 opti omega daily ,lecithin granules, vitamin D ,llysine tablet these are all daily and I take 1 vitamin k2 mk7 100mcg daily to repair damage to my arm muscle from statins which is nearly 100% back to normal now .

my cholesterol was 12.1 it is now 5.3 without statins ,with all of the above and a low fat low sugar diet

I have type 3 hyperlipidemia the genetic type

will never take a statin ever again or would end up in a wheelchair


I also have had to stop statins. After a heart attack in 2014 I was prescribed the usual mix of tablets including 80mg Atorvastatin. However since then I have been taken off them at various times and given different doses until, because of severe effect on liver I am now classed as allergic to them. I was also diagnosed with PBC in Feb 2015.Started fenofibrates about 6 weeks ago and so far so good, cholesterol down from 6.7 to 5.5. Not perfect but gp is waiting 3 months to give my liver a rest. I also suffered a severe allergic reaction to the urso taken for PBC .Not sure what happens next. Only minor problem I seem to have with the fenofibrates is dry flaky skin on my arms and legs. Has anyone else noticed this?


I am sure that statins do benefit some people but if they were only prescribed to those who would benefit then not enough money would be made. So the 'healthy' cholesterol level is lowered and many people are put on medication that they don't need. Statins have their place but are not without side effects which can be serious in some cases. We should all do our research before blindly taking a medication the Dr has recommended.

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I didn't get on well with statins at all and no longer take them, and have no wish too. There is a lot of information out there about their adverse effects on every cell in the body. However, I have read that their positive effects in terms of reduced heart attack risk may be down to their anti inflammatory action.

I'd still prefer to take something else bar statins that has an anti inflammatory effect. In my opinion, an anti inflammatory diet is the best approach for me, and that includes eating a lot less carbs than on the average Western diet.


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