Do statins also discourage people from living healthily?

I saw this article which sums up my view of statins. For 12 years I took statins and thought I was doing the right things to live and eat healthily having been diagnosed as having minor artery blockages in 2004. HOWEVER, when I was told I had to have a bypass ten years later in 2014 I did some more research, found Ornish and Esselstyne and changed my diet completely. I now manage my cholesterol and weight now by nutrition and exercise alone and stopped statins 1 year ago. I thought I ate healthily before when I was taking the statin, now I certainly do.

This article is well woth reading.

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  • Thank you for posting this link, I read it again and again. I did give this link is another post response but it got lost in the system!!!!

    Thank you for giving your own experience.

  • some do sweet it those who don't want others to know. and why it gets lost in there files. we may have the access to computers but they watch every movement we make. and why my true words of the world never get heard. as they hate the truth. we know everything that goes on in our world but we also know the ignorance will suffer in the end. as they never listen to us but their own beliefs.

  • Well I wanted to avoid statins for several reasons but I LOVE grapefruit so there's another reason.

  • I reduced my statin from 40mg to 20 mg as I had been on a WFPB NO OIL DIET for a year and all my blood levels had gone down and I was hoping to stop taking statins at some point even though I was not having any side effects. My last blood test brought my readings back to what they were before I started this way of eating. I am really disappointed that this way of eating after 18 months has not had a bigger effect, I lost a stone in weight and am now slightly under weight. Esselstyn et al do not seem to mention statins at all. Will continue with the diet. Would be keen to have another coronary artery scan which put me at high risk but cannot see it worth paying out for as I cannot do more than I am doing now. Go to the gym three times a week and have a big house and garden to maintain. Always pleased to hear your opinion.

  • I had a CT scan too which first identified me at high risk and put me on the statins. I think you have to do what is right for you. I thought maintaining my TC below 5 was sufficient and did this all those years I was taking statins. BUT this didnt prevent further deterioration in my arteries so I am not convinced they were doing any good as I ended up needing a bypass. Finding Esselstyn I went on the WFPB diet and then targeted my TC to be below 3.8. Since stopping statins iit is now back up to 4.8 but I am comfortable with this as I feel good on what I am eating but I have reintroduced fish and lean chicken. I am now also taking virgin olive oil on my daily lunch salad. I am not sure what the answer is but I don't find much help or support from my GP or cardiologist. I just take aspirin now and self manage my condition. I take 6 monthly blood tests and monitor my TC, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides.

  • Thanks for that. Dr Esselstyn says to have LDL below two so hopefully I will get back to that on 40mg of statin. How did you find out that your arteries had deteriorated further.

  • I had my original CT scan with Lifescan and they sent me offers for further scans every year. My original one was in 2004 and I had another one in January 2013 which identified the further progression. This led to two further angiograms identifying a bypass was nescesary. I obviously hadn't been rigorous enough wiith my dietary changes since initial diagnosis, I then researched and found out about Esselstyn and Ornish in December 2013 and adopted a strict diet as recommended by Esselstyn. I have relaxed by adding fish and lean chicken but otherwise had Ben on the Esselstyn diet for now nearly 4 years.

  • I was hoping to have another scan with Lifescan after one year on the diet but they would not agree to it because of the radium involved. They have now stopped doing them. They are so cheap to have in the USA. Have thought about checking the price for when we call into Athens on a cruise but I feel I cannot do more than I am already doing. I do have a handful of nuts lunchtime, Esselstyn seems to say cut them out if you want to lose weight which I do not and I feel there is a lot of goodness in them.

  • it's a money benefactor and you were the episode of it sweet your doing fine now stick to it. yes, aspirin is good that's one of ours back in the years.

  • Hello Anne76 I am glad to hear that you have dropped the oils but do remember that olive oil and walnut oil are the two which are O.K. All the others, sunflower, oil seed rape etc are definitely not good. Have a read of the article at:

    Saturated fats and dairy products are not the cause of heart disease as was reported in the BMJ about two months ago.

  • Thank you for that, please see my reply to bobaxford

  • yes coconut oil I use in my fry-ups peppers onions shallots are well deserved in your tummy any greens too but make sure it's British then you can't go wrong. and please potatoes they do cause knee pain and arthritis eat fewer potatoes and you will see a difference. and as I said before when we get older we eat less too and always eat mixed nuts and fruit around 9 pm helps your body work wonders through the Night.

  • Hi, my dearest sweet nice to know you are still doing well in life.and yes as I said before keep active in life keeps you going but to even feel better by looking into the mirror and say to your self I really look good for my age 60 and let your brain do the confusing oh I got it wrong she is 60 it's a secret pass word for us elderly. so take care you Beautiful GaL XXXXX Smile? you are.

  • Congratulations bobaxford I am delighted to hear what you have achieved, it just demonstrates that these drugs are unnecessary and are just a profit making product for Big Pharma.

    Have a look at: and the two other pages associated with it; there are buttons to press at the bottom.

  • you see I am pleased my People are Learning so fast. and I must be truthful now our world is on the change but Never worry the world won't End. the change is a mixed Race that will stop the Racism of colour and the wars to and the world will be at last at peace. and the gifts I carry from the outer world of us all. to say we came from the Oceans of life like every living creatures that came to that spread out and made a beautiful world for us all to live in. until I found the white people who wanted it all and how our world ended up in the way we are today, although I am white myself it shows us all we are the chosen ones that will carry forward in life and the greed will fade from us all and help each other as we did before in a world of harmony,

  • I really do think People should leave off medication and stick to their normal eating. my Cholesterol level is around 12.5 it varies 13.4 17.2 12,4 12. 7 12. 2 so for me 12 is ok. I do think they are playing with our bodies. as we take one medication and end up taking more. so it shows us all it's what we eat. always eat your own British foods safer why with the greed in our world everything turns to Blind eye's and why so many creatures enter through crates when exporting. Greed has gone crazy and it is best to leave away as money isn't every thing in life only Health well-known Fact why? which one would you pick? life was great for me although it was hard life was great everyone helps each other now it is gradually coming back and people are realizing life is important to us all. squabbling Race's of color or who they are? People like us trying to survive. we might see them taking without paying it's what they had to do to survive. and it is the only way they were taught. Just sit back and think of those Rockafellas with 6 times trillionaires and everyone is fighting for survival and we are helping them by having prescriptions to fill their pockets. if you're young then you do need protein in your 30s then you tend to be wiser in what you eat common sense 50s onward you eat less as your body changes but most of all keep active as much as you can slow down then your body slows too like me, singing is a great energy benefactor keeps you sane as well so don't be afraid I started at the age of Two now 70 still sing and write Songs poetry and do most anything keeps me alive and aware other than that have a Great day and I Bless you all in your Path to. Alan

  • Thanks Alan, will definitely try to think sixty when I look in the mirror

  • I think I'm 25 while working in our garden for an entire morning then when I come in for lunch I remember my real age of 82. However, neither of us in our eighties take any regular medication but follow Hippocrates' advice "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

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