A few months ago my cholesterol level was 8.0 (fasting). I'm currently doing a cholesterol reducing diet which I hope will help. I've lost

Over a stone which will help. My BP is normal as is my blood sugar levels. I have a number of health problems and wondered if they were the cause of my elevated cholesterol levels. If so, what should I do when I'm tested again in 2 months? I really don't want to add statin meds to all of the other ones I'm taking. Any advice please.


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  • Hi ,have you tried just eating for between 6-7 hours a day ,I manage my diet by eating breakfast at 11am and my last meal at 6pm before and after these times all I have is a drink of water this has helped me so much ,the only other thing that I do is take b12 1000ug a day with opti-omega 3 1,000TG .my cholesterol was 12.1 but now it is 5.1 .I do also take vitamin d with calcium, as I took statins on and off for about 6 months but became very ill after stopping statins against the specialists orders , I am now back to great health apart from a slight pain in my left arm but it is getting better with taking the above

  • Well done on the weight loss. This article from Scientific American may be of some interest to you, it talks about the effects of refined carbohydrates on raising cholesterol.


    Hope you can avoid the statins.

  • Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle! You say that you have other health problems well, that is the reason why your cholesterol levels are raised (!) - cholesterol in the body is a healer as the above said - it needs to be a little higher (!) to have the means to help you. Taking statins and lowering this level is defeating the object of the exercise and putting your body under more stress! Did you know that a banana has the right daily dose of magnesium and zinc to keep you healthy! Eating a balanced diet of fresh food, avoiding processed, eating your "five a day" and lowering the amount of refined carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread, etc) should see your health improving more and this should go a long way to helping your other health problems too. Best wishes to you.

  • I have asthma, arthritis, IBS, diverticulosis, sinusitis.

    Medicine as follows, paracetamol, tram adol, car b amaze pine, (for trigeminal neuralgia, some other medication that the spell checker won't let me put down. I've also been supplement in with the following - Omega 3 fish oil capsules, vitamin C vitamin D with Calcium Folic Acid a Multi Vitamin and 5-HTP AND a Vitamin B Complex. I follow the Holford Diet and minimise processed foods tho I still have some. Cut down on coffee to max 2 a day though usually fruit 1plus increased water and fruit/herbal teas. Much more fruit and veg. The only thingI ccan't do at the moment is exercise because of arthritis and asthma.

  • Have only been doing the Holford diet for a few months and haven't followed it strictly but I have cut back on my medication so I do believe it is working.

  • You also mention carbamazapine. Long term use of this can increase cholesterol levels, my daughter takes it for epilepsy but I know it is also prescribed for trigeminal neuralgia.

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