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hello all.

i'm very worried with my mother's cholesterol levels for a long time. several doctors changed the meds and the only one that brought the cholesterol levels down was Inegy that is basically more of a poison than a med as far as i've been understanding the studies that i read. natural garlic, parsely, spinach, tomatoes, etc seem to help but don't solve the problem. she has a very controlled diet and it seems that her liver is stuburn and produces cholesterol in a uncontrolled way.

Do you have any advices or suggestions for this complicated situation?

Also i'm getting to the conclusion that it is not worth buying a cholesterol meter since they make a real extorsion business out of the stripes. do you agree or have a good solution suggestion?

thank you very much for any help


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No doctor knows what your mother's cholesterol level should be; some people need a higher level than others. It has been said that it can be dangerous to lower the level when it is naturally high. A Heart Surgeon gives an interesting insight into the subject at:

I also give you a précis of a small part a chapter in a book entitled “Gut the inside story” written by a German doctor, Giulia Enders where she explains the function of the gut in relation to cholesterol.

"Definition of cholesterol: It comes from the Greek words “chole” = bile and “stereos” = solid. It was first discovered in gallstones.

The body produces between 75% and 90% of its own cholesterol. It is needed for sex hormones, vitamin D and a plethora of unstable cells. There has been shown a connection between low cholesterol level and memory problems, depression and aggressive behaviour.

The level is ideally controlled by various bacteria in the gut, some encourage the production others suppress it.

The connection between bacteria and cholesterol was first discovered in the 1970s. Studies on Maasai warriors in Africa discovered that the cholesterol levels in their blood were low despite a diet consisting almost entirely of meat and milk. The excessive amount of animal fat in their diet did not cause high blood-lipid levels. A mysterious ingredient in the milk was suspected of controlling the cholesterol levels however experiments on milk from, cows, camels and even rats found nothing.

In another experiment the Maasai warriors were given a vegetable based milk replacement product (Coffee Mate) with high levels of cholesterol added to it. Their cholesterol levels did not change. The bacteria inhabiting their gut from previously drunk milk had accommodated the excess and dealt with it. High cholesterol foods have no effect on the body's level."

The poison in our food today is an excess of pure sugar.

I hope that will give you an understanding of the mechanism and so whether to treat the condition or not.


Dottie11 kindly told me that the link to the heart surgeon's explanation didn't work so here it is again:

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Thank you Dottie11. I've been to the site myself and coped the web address again which I hope will be O.K. this time. You were right it did come up with 404 not found. However here it is: Would you be good enough to let me know the result, many thanks.

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Hello again Dottie11. Please copy and share what you like, it's all in the public domain. I've checked the replacement link to the heart surgeon and it seems to work O.K.

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Hello Dottie11 I have just found an article which I am certain that you and others would find both interesting and useful it's at:


Do you have the results of your mother's cholesterol and lipids blood tests with the associated reference range that is written alongside each test? Your mother is legally entitled to a copy of her lab tests. Consider posting the results with ref. ranges here so that people can comment on them.

If your mother has had longterm high cholesterol/lipids, she may have an undiagnosed/untreated thyroid issue. This has been known since about a century ago i.e. the association between thyroid and cholesterol/lipids.

Get your mother to do thyroid blood tests and ensure that FT3 is included. I'm fed up with telling people this and then they come back and say that their doctor said they only need FT4 and TSH. You will not get an accurate picture without also testing the FT3 at the same time.

At the very least, the FT3, FT4 and TSH should all be tested at the same time as the cholesterol and lipids are tested, preferably after fasting on just plain water overnight (no tea, etc). In addition, I'd also suggest testing HbA1C as it will give a blood sugar overview of the last 2-3 months. Do all these tests together to get a clearer picture of what's going on.

Also, does your mother have any other conditions or symptoms, other than having high cholesterol/lipids?

Re Masai milk, their milk would've been raw, not processed and pasteurised. So their milk would've had good/interesting bacteria.


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