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Does anyone do the Holford Diet please? I've been doing it for 3 weeks to help lower my cholesterol levels and 1 good side effect is 11lbs

Weight loss without even trying and I had 1 week when I couldn't do it because my daughter was in hospital for 5 days and I wasn't able to follow the Diet very well although I tried my best. So on it for 4 weeks but 1 week off so 11lbs im 3 weeks is pretty good going. I just want to know that I'm doing the right thing.

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Congratulations on your weight loss. Good luck with the weight loss. How does the Holford Diet work as I need to loss round 40kgs or just over 6 stones to get to my goal of 50kgs or 8 stone. I am going to start my diet again on 1 January as I want to get down to at least 10 stone when change my power chair


I found a book in the library ny Patrick Holford called The Optimum Nutrition Bible which explains why and how. If you are aiming to start in January you could buy some of the essentials bit by bit so you don't have a expensive initial outlay. Once you've got some of the iessentials it's actually quite easy to follow - unless you're in hospital which I was with my little girl. I still lost 1/2 lb though. I still have nearly 5 stone to lose and I'm hoping to adf exercise when I've lost more as I'm limited mobility wise so can't go gym or swimming (due to asthma). Let me know how you get on.



5kg in three weeks, well done. I would like to try this diet.

Would it be possible for you to give example of your breakfast, lunch and dinner food intake?

Coffee, tea, milk and other drinks intake?

I appreciate different food intake gives different results to people.

Now I am retired three meals at home putting on weight!, would like to come down by 5kg.

Thanks for your help.


It's good to hear that you have found a diet that helps you lose weight, but I am concerned to hear that you have to buy other 'essentials' to go with it. Are these supplements? Unless you have a specific medical condition that needs supplements it is usually more effective to get what you need from real food.

I haven't heard of the diet, but if it cuts out processed food it's a good idea. If needs to be low on carbohydrates if you are hoping to lower your cholesterol.

You might be interested in reading around the subject of nutrition to make sure you are getting what you need. Have a look at Robert Lustig's book "Fat Chance". He's an American obesity expert who writes about how

food affects our hormones, and what causes weight gain.

This link also gives some useful information on weight loss.


Does this diet regime have a website? it would be worth having a look before plunging in! It is great that you are having such fantastic results though, and, as long as you are eating a good range of food and not starving yourself or having drinks, shakes, biscuits etc., that some other diets insist you buy at a huge price! Good luck to you and happy Xmas!


Website is And as far as eating os concerned I have a wider range of foods than before. I do take some supplements mainly to help bring down my cholesterol levels a bit more quickly. Breakfast is oatmeal porridge with ground pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and a piece of fruit. Lunch a salad with any protein food. Supper can be a small jacket potato with chicken, broccoli, cabbage and sometimes runner beans. 2 snacks a day like 2 oatcakes with peanut butter and a piece of fruit for 1 snack and cottage cheese on half a slice of rye bread. The only time I was hungry was when I was at the hospital with my daughter for 5 days otherwise no hunger. No sugar or processed foods but the best thing to do is get the book from the library and road test it for yourself. I'm putting The Low-GL Diet Bible on my Christmas wish list even if I have to buy it for myself. All drinks like herbal teas, water and non caffeine drinks. No fizzy drinks at all, soya milk not ordinary milk. Minimise wheat products for a while. Hope this gives you a little idea of the Holford Diet. All the best.


Oh make sure you drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day inc plenty of water.


It looks ok, apart from his views on meat and saturated fat. They really aren't bad for us, we evolved over thousands of years eating meat.

But if it works for you, keep going! Good luck and hope you reach your target.


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