I've just had a health check in which my BP is 100/71 down from 149/83 Glucose up from 2.3 to 3.3 Cholesterol down from 8.0 to. 7.7. I have

Managed to lose 21lbs following for the most part a low cholesterol way of eating although it has been intermittent just lately but I'm disappointed at the low drop in cholesterol levels. Is there anything else i can do to lower them further. Because all the other parts of the health check are okay my doctor is not putting me on statin treatment - hooray but I really want to get those levels down.

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  • How low is too low in cholesterol levels.

  • Hello,

    With Statin my total cholesterol went down to 2.8!, may be for three months on this level. My GP did not ask me to stop taking statin. I stopped statin and informed my GP I am no longer taking statin because it is giving me a lot of pain. I did ask my GP to reduce the dosage from 10mg to 5mg!

    I did have email communications with Frank Cooper.

    I wonder who determine the lower level.

  • Unfortunately FH has many different subtypes, all of which produce and respond differently to treatment. In a broad sense of the word, those people with homozygous FH have a much higher cholesterol than normal and have a higher incidence of CHD. The chap you refer to may have a mild(er) form of the condition. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Famil...

  • Being alive and healthy into you're 60s is not such a feat in this day and age... Just sayin!! Hopefully he has a ways to go and I certainly hope it works out for him.

  • My BP over the last few years has always been around the 145/81 mark although raised the last couple of weeks due to an accident when it went 201/138 so was really pleased it came down especially as I had to rush to my health check appointment. The nurse checked twice and both times 100/71 so whether the accident shocked my system lower I don't know.

  • When I started to take Kyolic tablets from my local Health Food shop, my total cholesterol levels dropped twpo whole points in twelve months. The "experts" told me this was just coincidence so I stopped taking them and my cholesterol went up. I started to take them and, once gain, my levels dropped. To me this proves these tablets, with no side effects, work for me. Hope they might work for you too.

  • Hello,

    Loosing 21 pounds!, well done. Now questions, what are other cholesterol numbers? Am confused on the Glucose numbers.Lowering cholesterol is a slow process by food intake, it takes time. Good luck. By the way did you go for nHS health check?

  • Hello ytyvet, Well done on your work so far with your health. The one question I have is that you don't put your full Cholesterol figures. Just the total is not enough information for us or for you! Get the full breakdown of your figures, HDL, LDL and Lipids. Your HDL, (the "bad" C) and your LDL (your "good" C) along with the Lipid levels will give you a much better idea of how your health is improving. Since I have changed my diet (I am now dairy free due to intolerances) my total figure for Cholesterol has hardly changed but my HDL levels have gone up and my LDL levels down! My ratio (total Cholesterol divided by HDL level has gone down to 3.3 well within the new accepted guidelines of 4) This new calculation is one we can do easily and help us to good health. Your concerns that your sugar levels have gone up could be that you are consuming a little too much carbohydrate. It this is the case, just tweak your diet with a lowering of bread, pasta and rice intake and watch the so called "low fat" dairy products that are very high in sugar! I wish you well.

  • Patch 14 - I am confused as to what you mean by lipid levels in addition to LDL & HDL. I presume you mean lipoprotein levels, but LDL & HDL ARE lipoprotein levels (low density lipoprotein & high density lipoprotein). Do you mean triglycerides or other lipid variables?

  • hi Floozie - sorry about my misleading you - yes I mean Triglycerides (!) - comes of typing early in the morning and without a good night's sleep!!! (Got a bug coming I think!) My Trigs were 0.7 at the last count. Anyway, I hope what I said above gives you some food for thought!!

  • take niacin its proven to lower your lpa no statin drug can do that and it works take care

  • Are those blood glucose measurements correct? Both 2.3 and 3.3 are quite low!

  • Hi,

    did ask the question on blood sugar, numbers being very low!, so far no response. There has always been difficulty to understand the units on both blood sugar and blood cholesterol!

    Glucose up from 2.3 to 3.3 Cholesterol down from 8.0 to. 7.7

  • Hi did you lower your bp by just diet

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