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Hi, i'm very new to this!!

i had a heart attack over 2 months ago and i really don't know how to cope. still getting funny pains, NEED HELP


i had a heart attack 2 months ago, i am 37 years old used to smoke heavily but have now totally quit, i was always in good health generally before my heart attack,

since having my heart attack i had 1 stent put in and have been on prescribed medicines, I have been told i have high cholestrol but i am not over weight, i am 5"7 and weigh about 78 kilos, i am british of indian origins,

my medicines are:

ramipril 2.5mg

bisoprolol 2.5 mg

asprin 75mg

clopidogrel 75mg

lansoprazole 30mg

atorvastatin 40mg

i have been getting pain occasionally since maybe 4 or 5 times a week,

the pain only lasts for minutes, like a sort of stabbing pain to then being a dull ache across my chest, i have used my nitro spray 4 times since i came out of hospital but i am unsure if i should of used it or not??

nobody is giving me a straight answer to how many times a day maybe could i use my nitro spray.??

or how long will it be before i am back to normal??

is there any other ways or practises that i can use to determine what is happening to me or what i should do??

i.e. check my blood pressure or some thing


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You need to go back to your GP and Specialist and make sure the medication you taking is working for you!, if necessary GP can change your medication. It is imperative that you GP understand you pain!

Your cholesterol can go down with this atorvastatin 40mg medication, ASDA or other supermarket offer cholesterol check at a cost, may be £10.00. you can do a quick check.

You have not given any cholesterol values. You BP, home testing kit is available for chemist and are very good.

When the hospital did the angioplasty, did they only fine blocked artery? You need to ask this question.

Life style change is required, controlling food intake and daily exercise is a must. GOOD LUCK.


Bala is right - best to check your pain with your GP or your cardiologist. However, it is common to experience some stabbing pains and other sensations in your chest following an angioplasty with stent. It is because your artery has been stretched and is contracting back around the stent. Like you, I had a stent put in, in April. Also, like you, nobody told me that I might expect to experience these sensations. Hopefully this has put your mind at ease a little, but just in case, do check it out.



((i had a heart attack 2 months ago, i am 37 years old used to smoke heavily but have now totally quit, i was always in good health generally before my heart attack, ))

How do you know you were in good health?, did you have medical check? There is a saying thin fat Indian.

Indians look healthy but body fat is high, this is due to food intake I am afraid. Education is necessary on the subject of cooking oil, temperature of cooking on oils, and also greens cooking, LCHF food intake.

One of these days NHS food plate will have to change!

All the fresh vegetables and fruits we see in the Indian shop, I am sorry to sat the cooking destroy the vegetables!!!


Being Asian you are unluckily predisposed to heart disease and it's mostly down to diet. If you are looking for something other than relying on pharmaceuticals look to food being your medicine.

I am fairly sure you are eating a lot of carbohydrate as your main source of bodily fuel. I would suggest you drastically cut your consumption of carbohydrate and increase your consumption of saturated fats. This may be counterintuitive and goes against the current dietary guidelines, but if you are seriously looking for answers you need to take your health into your own hands and do some serious digging. As usual I point people to here:

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The typical Indian diet is actually quite unhealthy and Indians have a very high risk of diabetes - white rice, chapattis,dal,indian sweets etc are very high carbohydrate. I love these foods being brought up on them myself (my ancestors came from India), but as mentioned in posts above, not good. You could still eat Indian foods but have a larger portion of dal and vegetables and a smaller portion of rice. If you are not vegetarian then healthy meats such as chicken, fish etc. Cut right down on the deep fried and sweet snacks and go for fruit instead.

wishing you luck.



My history is like yours. Go to see your doctor for an ECG immediately just to put your mind at rest! Sometimes the pain might just be psychological as it's so easy to feel insecure and worry. I have 3 stents and sometimes they can cause a little pain as they settle, your pain does not sound like this though. You are on a lot of meds, are some for heart failure?

Good luck let us know what happens.


10 months gone, please let us have some feed back.


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