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My nose job ruined my life


I had a nose job 8 years ago, my nose was good and symmetric but I wanted it to be slimmer in between my eyes and the doctor ruined my nose for ever. It was an aggressive surgery left me with a very small, cuted wings, upturned and nonsymytric nose which doesn't match my face plus I have very bad scars. My life has changed after that surgery and I Couldn't get into a relationship anymore. Whenever I talk to someone they just stare at my nose...

The worst part of it is that people don't look at you as a victim, this is something that you've done to yourself and you deserve it.

I showed my nose to a revision specialist but he said it's better not to touch it as there are more scars inside of my nose and it may collaps.

I don't have any hope and don't want to live anymore...

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Im so sorry Sarinaa. It must be devastating having so much hopes for a surgery that have gone completely the opposite... in the darkest times you have to be your own best friend and think that you didn’t deserve that. And as you don’t deserve it you have to be strong and carry on because it’s your life and we may never get another one. I wish you the best

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Hope you're ok...I'm disfigured for life, due to skin condition...

I know what regrets are...loosing something you had...but that's life...

What's really important about regrets is this : It is an illusion.

Thinking you had a choice is an illusion. We are only spectators of a flow of thoughts that arise in our minds.

Morality : we never had a choice for our past action, and life is only a temporary experience...nothing is "that" serious, "that" important...

We think our lives would be perfect...but perfection only last a while...when everything is perfect for you, you then start to worry really fast about the coming end of your life...

What I want to say is...we're taking our life a little bit too seriously, as what we're living is a very temporary we should take a deep breath, and do the best to find things we enjoy...cause you litterally not be there anymore tommorow...

For example, got hit by a scooter 2 weeks ago when I was riding a bike...might have lost my life

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Hi Lino your answer was very peaceful. I reviewed myself in your own words. Was your disfigurement caused by the bike accident?

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Aha actually I thought about answering to Sarinaa...but my answer is for the whole community here, who can rely to it... :)

No, actually it was due to a skin infection a few years ago, that litterally disfigured my face for's tough...I used to be a very good looking dude (even though I didn't realize it because of other confidence is ironic :) )

How did you recover from what you experienced? Are you marked for life?

Cool to talk to you

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Thanks for your kind words and I'm so sorry for what happened to you,

I've immigrated to canada 2 years ago, had a hope to have a new start but the way people look at my nose and scars just makes me feel really uncomfortable.

I was a face model and repoter before the surgery and now I don't know what to do with the rest of my life. My face was my identity and the way I could connect to others but now it is gone. I'm a people person and very social but I'm doing remote chat customer service to avoid people. I don't know for how long I can hide myself.


I'm sorry to hear you are feeling this way, Sarinaaa. I am glad you've joined our community... and hope this gives you the chance to share, and also feel the support and care that people offer to each other here.

If you're struggling with suicidal thoughts and feel like you're in danger, please reach out to a crisis line or contact the emergency services in your area.

You may like to look at some self-help resources we have around mental health and wellbeing - you can find them at

Take care,

Sam - Changing Faces Admin

Thanks for your support Sam, I believe we need a free line for young people who are thinking about having a plastic surgery, it's a very serious thing that for some reason no one talk about the risks and consequences.

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Very well said

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