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There is no upside of being incapacitated

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In the last few weeks i have learned a lot of how it feels to be temporarily incapable,and my heart goes out to them that are permanently physically disabled.

To do the most mundane tasks become like a mountain to climb,and one becomes like a circus performer juggling with one hand.

But it has made me much more appreciative of daily living and not taking so much for granted ,and i suppose one can become quite selfish until the #%@& hits the fan,for only then can we take off those rose tinted glasses to see more clearly.

I rarely if ever used my dishwasher,but now i find it invaluable,even though they are not all they are cracked up to be for some things never are squeaky clean.

I do cook,but never anything now which takes much thought or preparation,and the airfryer cooker has been an absolute boon,for i never have the need now to use my main oven.

Doing the laundry has become rather difficult,and whilst i always used to iron everything,it has now become something i would rather forget about.

My garden of which i was once so proud of has become rather a wilderness,although the front garden looks pretty ok,thanks to the Brandon gardeners who do their best to keep it looking ok ish,but they can only give me an hour every two weeks.

And then of course its the shopping......whilst i loved mooching around the supermarket, that is now not possible,so i did put an order in for home delivery from Iceland which was acceptable,however i have now put an order in with Ocado as their range of goods is so much greater,and so i await delivery on Monday.

For someone who has always valued their independence this has been a tough call.

The brightness of my week was yesterday,when a neighbour knocked on the door and gave me a huge basket of fruit from M&S. Some people do care,but very many dont care.

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Hi secrets22,That's a very thoughtful and heartfelt post and although it's horrible to be incapacitated, sometimes it really does pull us up sharply to suffer it for a while. I remember when I broke my leg a few years ago I had to change the way in which I did so many things which I'd done almost unthinkingly before. It slows up your life no end, and often brings debilitating pain with it too. So so sorry that you are suffering in this way.

On the other hand it's really lovely finding out what some lovely friends we have. I received home cooked meals and loads of flowers and felt really loved and appreciated, so that was a better side of the whole thing.

Hoping that you will eventually make a full recovery. I know that you've hurt your shoulder and they can be really stubborn to heal, but try not to get too frustrated. Just do what you can do and I'm sure you'll certainly make some steps back to where you were before, in time.

But meantime take care, ignore the weeds, as there's no point becoming frustrated over things we cannot change, and console yourself with whatever it is which can help for now (like chocolate maybe?) 🤣😉😜

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I consoled myself today with these 😁

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i love fish'n chips from the chippy.x

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Hi Roddy we had nice experience with a nice young man on the bus there were only seats at back and we looked puzzled where to sit I sat at very back he got up and moved so we could all sit together then later a lady was going to get on bus with pram he stood up shouted to some girls at front to move for her she never got on it was too late just shows there are very nice people my mam has a saying she treats everyone as guilty until they are prooved themselves but how long does that take you can be dating someone like I have in past and they show there true colours when live with them I only have one friend I mentioned before known since 5 I have friends in the nebourhood a lot older than me whom.i trust but more casual friends there there if I need them I don't even trust my flipping self how ridiculous is that I can say nasty things in temper when drunk if been upset and my moods are up down all the time I don't trust how I'll feel one day to the next I lit candle for dad and my dead loved ones and thought of them all all my cats too xxx


Sending good vibres to you from the church xx

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It's a lovely minster not church xx

Lovely glass
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Is that hull minster then?

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Yes just had fish n chips sat out with peogeons I never got job or would have heard by now my niece was annoyed said there out of order

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If they're going to be like that not having the courtesy to let you know if you got the job or not after interview then they have done you a favour not offering you the job!

A couple of places I have interviewed at never contacted me just to say sorry you haven't got the job and I feel that I wouldn't have enjoyed working for them anyway if they are going to be like that!

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You’re an inspiration to many with your determination to get through no matter what. You’ve become adaptable which is what so many have to do. A very uplifting post Roddy and I wish you better days ahead. Lovely to get a basket of fruit, goes to show how kind some people can be. Take care,

Carole xxx

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secrets22 in reply to sassy59

Oh yes Carole it takes a lot of fortitude to find ways to manage ,and with determination we get there.x

Something to brighten your day.🌸🌸🌸🌸


Hang in there Roddy, I'm still struggling with carers having to take me to the bathroom etc, but reached a milestone today, there's a small guard on the bed, hanging onto that with my good hand I was able to push myself up and swing my legs over the side of the bed going from a sitting on bed to sitting with legs dangling over the side, and did that with no help, physio tried to get me walking with a stick but failed miserably at that

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Oh Jenny,i hear you,and done that too,and like you i am so glad i still have the guard on the side of the bed or i would never manage to get up.Its just awful.x

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