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Free for All on Friday

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Hi everyone,

What a week of weather! Is summer in UK cancelled this year and I didn't get the memo? I don't know, but I'm gazing out of my window at the tree outside which is swaying dangerously in a really high wind, and I'm thinking of those intrepid folk who signed up for the coastal channel sea cruise over the weekend, which left from Southampton last night. Oh well, I suppose if you are going to be buffeted by wind, it might as well be in luxurious surroundings. I don't think I'd be ordering soup at dinner if I was onboard!

Saying 'hi' to anyone who joined us this week and I hope you'll find this a happy and safe place to be.

This is Friday, so the day of the week to post anything you like, on or off-topic, including photos of your gardens, pets, hobbies etc., so long as they stay within our community guidelines.

So, over to you. What do you have for us?

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend! And as always, whatever you are doing, please take care!

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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Hi Callendersgal,

What an amazing photo. Sums up the weather just now. It’s very windy here too but no damage so far as I can tell. We gave a new fence and gate thank goodness so not worried about anything blowing down. I’ll see if I can post a photo soon.

Pete has gone out with our daughter to look at another car for her. I just hope he doesn’t get any ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and wishing you all a great weekend. Stay safe. Xxxx👍🤗💜

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Oh my goodness sassy59, that's touchy territory when men go off to look at cars. Anything can happen! 😃. But I hope your daughter finds the right car! I have a friend having a new one delivered today so I'm sure she's excited. Yes what an expressive picture that is! But frankly I'm hoping it'll soon be replaced by one with a patch of blue sky and some little fluffy clouds. 😂

Take care and enjoy your weekend too! 👍🌤🌧⛅️💨👍😊🔆🌈🙏xxx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, they’re not back yet!😱I’m sure all will be well🤞🏼Hope your friend will be very happy.

We have sunshine! Amazing! 🌞😀

Have fun! Xxx🎶💕🤗🥰😀💜💖👍

Today here will be a quiet day in as its our day out in taunton tomorrow to the castle museum and for lunch out with my friends which replaces the one that was cancelled last year due to have been done in the autumn but then there was that smack in the face over the Christmas being cancelled thing when I had become ever so upset but thankfully with that in the September we had lots of time to have found something else instead which couldn't be taken away and that we did as well!

Thankfully with us we did get advance notice of that being cancelled so plenty of time to come to terms with it and find a replacement and yes I was disappointed but I would rather be disappointed in advance of things being taken away rather than when they are snatched away last minute like Christmas was for lots of people.

The lesson of those cancelled plans is have a back up on hand and never think you are getting anything!

Experiences are only a waste if nothing has been learned from them!

I do sincerely hope that nice weather in April wasn't Summer!

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

That sounds like a really brilliant weekend Catgirl1976! I hope you fully enjoy it and it's the sort of outing that doesn't rely on the weather at all. We have so many things of interest in UK that don't require sunshine. Haha, we never know here if summer came and went, do we?I understand your frustration over the fiasco at Christmas with regard to its sudden cancellation and I was caught out by that too. But here we are, nearly six months on and things are looking a little brighter again. Let's hope they stay bright, whether the weather is, or not! Thanks for your catch-up! Take care!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Enjoy your weekend Catgirl xxx

I've had a rubbish week, had an X Ray on my lower back and right hip Monday morning, 9.15 appt, at that time I'd been seen and on way home, results will be with GP in about a week, 3.30 Tuesday afternoon, he rings shows a Wedge Compression Fracture so he's referring me back to the osteoporosis clinic which will be interesting, I've only had one visit there so far which was just over a year ago, I won't take the meds due to side effects, consultant scratched his head and said I don't know what to do for you. No market visit today as I'm waiting for some money to come into my bank and it won't be here until next week, and we've had rain and wind, but the sun is trying to come out

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

Oh I'm really sorry to hear that Jennymary. What a worry for you. My sister won't take any osteoporosis medication either because of the possible side-effects. It's hard to know that there's not really any other alternative treatment. I guess all you can do is to attend the clinic and see what gets suggested. Wishing you the best of luck with that one. It's a shame there's no market for you this week, but it's great that the market is a regular feature, so that you'll be able to go and get some of those lovely goodies you always seem to return with, whenever you are ready. I wish that sun would try a bit harder to come out! Here's to a better week all round, next week!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jennymary

Sorry to hear about your back and hip problems Jennymary, it must be so painful. Pete has back problems too with no real treatment because of other health concerns. I hope a solution can be found to help you.

Take care and stay safe. Xxxx

I'm here in not-so-sunny Portland ... gusts up to 83mph 😱 I actually got blown to my car, and it's not doing much for my hair 🤣🤣 but at least it's not raining ... atm!I believe some of the ships from Southampton are docking here (and I can see them from my balcony) ❣

keep safe everyone

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to MissMoto007

Hi MissMoto007, Clearly the weather's no better with you than here. Normally I try not to get fixated on what it's going to be, but it just seems so unfair this year that we have this prolonged period of bad weather to put up with. Maybe a long and sunny summer is just around the corner. Yes I did hear that the first cruise ship at least will be docking near you, so that might be a nice distraction. I believe there were lots moored offshore in Weymouth during the lockdown too. Rather nice to see them from your balcony! Here's to the hope of some nicer weather next week!

Thanks for the lovely photo,it certainly has been a rotton May,and now we are nearing the end of another month ,and this photo reflects the mood of the Scotland its threatening to get worse,which has sparked my adreniline,and negative attitude towards summer weather in Uk well mainly in Lowlands---in fact ,everything has gone a little haywire and im sorry if this post is depressing and negative but im not amused by my lack of social life and now this type of weather is dominating my thoughts---dont know whether im filling my cuppa/hotwaterbottle,,or kettle--everythings piling up-- sorry for all those people who have similar struggles every bloomin day--and thanks again Cller/gal for you lovely snap---i dont drive and my life is beginning to seem pointless if I cant find someone who can understand these horrible lockdown/entrapped feelings with very little sunshine or contacts--bless you all.☺️

Point is well all get times when we feel down so don't worry about being negative!

Since my father died I have had episodes when I have snapped people's heads off over really trivial things that normally I could have laughed about!

It's the little things I find that are the most annoying and they pile up and snowball over time!

thankyou for your comments;yes I too usually,can snap out of it ,though I have been in a bad place for want of a better I seem to be feeling better but can get overanxious and cross ,living alone doesnt always help---how are you now a bereavement can cause all kinds of problems and depression leaves you feeling out on a limb!

I'm feeling a lot better than I did when it first happened though.

I'm looking forward to a day out tomorrow in Taunton with my friends that was put off from last year.

Thats good news ,hope you all have a good time and that the weather is reasonale-are you going sightseeing ,just being in a bigger supermarket today had me excited after not being able to go there for at least a year!

Yes we are off to the museum of somerset and for a walk along the river tone as well stuff the stupid rain is what I say!

We are also off to a restaurant for lunch out which I am really looking forward to as well and hopefully a walk down to vivary park there and we will go rain or no rain!

Last year in the September when there was the whispers about local lockdowns and Christmas getting cancelled I had become ever so upset at it had felt like a smack in the face having those things taken away from me as they were things that were important to me personally.

YesI can understand where your coming from,life in general has been quite frustrating and goes beyond so called normal living,]on the other hand people should try and realise that this could be the new norm,and adapt to a whole new way of living in the UK its bearable,though elsewhere is catastrophic for many ==hoping lessons can be learnt -Goverments-more communication and a more indepth study of mental health-sorry to ramble!

Personally there's parts of life pre pandemic that I don't want to return to what they were back then and told by fair there have been some parts of lockdown that I have enjoyed and will carry on with and there's other things I will part ways with.

Point is it doesn't work that way that life will spring back to what it was pre pandemic as it has changed and I'm many ways for the better as far me personally I feel happier with a simple life going out now and again and then really look forward to it!

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to goldieoldie

It's true golieoldie that our inclement weather really can spark negativity and I just remarked in another response that it seems particularly unfair this year for nature to be hurling this at us, on top of everything else. I'm hoping something much better lies just around the corner to cheer us all up a bit!

Wish I could feel optimistic too,but I just cant ,and furthermore my inners are going ,partly cold weather ,among other things feel like screaming,,,it does make me feel a tiny bit better knowing whole of UK is similiar---hopefully ,I can continue with Very Slow Spring Cleaning-everthings cracking up,my hotwaterbottle 2hrs ago,had the stopper secure but a puddle of water surrounding it-im having an awful job imagining I didnt turn the top tight enough ect.dreadful state of affairs-just have to smile its so ludicrous that was a lovely snap you posted anymore coming??as long as its not Black/white lol

I know there's times in life that really try your patience aren't there?

This evening I had a nice short walk out after the rain had finished for a bit and the local Brook was swollen and it's amazing how much fresher the air is when it rains and everything looks different as well after the rain.

I can only imagine and it sounds and smells good too lol---are you in a country area!Im stuck in a a city in cold Scotland!

I'm in inner city Cardiff but we are lucky here as we have lots of nice parks to visit nearby in walking distance.

That sounds good,I went online to Genoa,my guess is I will continue doing that ,rather than moan about holidays or rather lack of them -Im addicted to the programme -Place in the sun,where cou[les go to Spain ,Cyprus to find a holiday home or a permanent one-all I need is courage,money and a goof friend...dream on.

The other day I was having a think about holidays and they didn't seem that important anymore.

Just as long as you can go out with friends ect its not so important as its good to get out and about and with me nothings happening,,,but Im used to it and enjoy learning about others and how they spend time.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to goldieoldie

Oh don’t you just hate it when simple things malfunction, even if you played a part in it yourself?

That photo isn’t one I took but from a really useful site called Unsplash where photographers post their work and allow you to share it online, cost free, with no worry over copyright and I can certainly share more of them with you all from time to time in future.

That sounds good ,Im trying to get in the mood for travelling ,though I find Im reluctant to go out to the shops roundabout,so I do enjoy scenery and the idea of getting a life before i expire.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to goldieoldie

It’s understandable you feel at a very low point but you’re not alone. We’re here for you so do stay in touch and let off steam whenever you feel the need.

Wishing you better days ahead goldieoldie. Xxxxx

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goldieoldie in reply to sassy59

Thanks Sassy,I dont know what I would do without HU,and I do identify,and commiserate with others ,itspart of who I am .!iTS a much brighter morning here in Edinburgh,quite a suprise after the dreich week -how is your weather so far--its not forecast for anything great thats for sure..❤️

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to goldieoldie

I’m pleased you have a brighter morning. My parents visited Edinburgh years ago and loved it. It’s been raining here but at least the wind has dropped. Hoping for better weather soon but nothing on the horizon.

HU is a great place to be where you can liaise with like minded people. Wishing you well. Xxxx👍❤️

Hi Sue, my week as been of up evil with the gas men laying new pipes all over the estate and having your gas turned off for most of the day , so today they were finishing off I thought so had to be up early to let them in the garage to turn off the gas only to be told at midday that they had a problem somewhere else on the estate and they would be back on Monday to finish the job , I just hope it isn't snowing up here . On the positive side they offered free electric heaters and after use we could keep them . And by the way that is a beautiful picture and I hope through all this rain you can enjoy your weekend . Clive X 🤗

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

That's a nuisance isn't it having that happen!

We have electric heaters as well in our flat as the gas ones!

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to

Hi Clive, oh my gosh you've had your share of trouble this week with the gas! I hate it when utilities get disrupted and how typical that now it's been put off until the start of next week. At least the electric heaters are a very small compensation.Well if the weather continues in this vein I have lots of books on my Kindle to get started on, lots of craft projects and some TV shows to catch up on, so it can really do its worst and I will remain dry, but on the other hand it would be so lovely to be able to go out and enjoy some nature on a walk through the forest or along the coast. Oh well, unless I'm prepared to go in wellies and raincoat I shall obviously have to wait a while! Take care Clive and it sounds as if your weekend might be an indoor one too! Take care!

I go out anyway rain or shine and the parks are always deserted when it rains and the air feels fresher as well.

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