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Off Topic Friday: "Just being curious"

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This was based very loosely on a photograph from a Goldster art class. As ever, I could not help but take liberties and paint in mixed media. The tree trunk used a lot of acrylic ink, for example, while the soil used Brusho -- highly concentrated watercolour crystals. I think I caught the expression on the cows' faces that I wanted -- that is, "What are you doing in our field?"

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This size of reproduction doesn't show off the detail in the painting, so here is a fragment from the soil and stones to demonstrate.

A details from a watercolour painting of some stones, moss and soil.
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BrentW in reply to BrentW

And here's some of the tree trunk.

A section of a winter tree trunk painted in watercolour.

not only what are you doing but the smaller one is thinking 'what sort of anamal is that?'

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FredaE in reply to FredaE

Lovely relaxed painting.And i know thats not how you spell animal

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BrentW in reply to FredaE

I think that is how a cow would spell anamal. The ones in the fields around where I live have a fairly limited range of vowels and no consonants that I recognise.

I love the way you have brought put the texture of all the different materials such as the stones and tree trunk. Lovely painting Brent. Wishing you a very happy New Year. xx

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BrentW in reply to Hellebelle

Thank you, Hellebelle. Here's hoping for as good a year as possible for all of us.

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I really like the painting Brent and you have caught the expression on the cows faces perfectly. Xxx

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Oh what a great study of those cattle BrentW! I think you've captured their expressions perfectly and I love the mixed media approach, and if that's what you enjoy, then why wouldn't you use it to advantage? Lovely painting!

Seems to me that the cows question may be more harshly verbalised judging by the expressions!!

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